Book Covers Matter - showing different genres with unique covers

Can you…do you…judge a book by its cover?

Admit it.

You’d be lying if you say a bland boring book cover doesn’t put you off.

Authors know all their blood, sweat and creative genius can come to zilch if they have a shoddy or badly designed book cover.

Especially on Amazon where your cover must stand out in a sea of postage-stamp size competitors.

We know that many industries struggled in 2020. But not book sales.

Book sales soared as pandemic lockdowns drove people at home to buy (and listen) to books for themselves and their kids.

Book cover styles depend on whether you’re buying fiction or non-fiction.

For instance:

A “steamy erotica” looks very different from a “cosy mystery” as you can see in the picture above.

As a coach or healing expert your question is likely about covers for non-fiction – self-help, teaching memoir.

After years of outsourcing to different cover designers for my books and begging them to make the TITLE pop I’ve finally found my best cover designer who understands we write books we want to SELL.

His name is Matt of where you get quality at a great price.

He says: let the title stand out proud, keep images small and unobtrusive and don’t use WHITE (oops my fave colour on many of my books).


Great example is this nonfiction cover Swagger.

But before you rush over to order your cover from Matt and his team…hold fire.

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