Smart goal setting means taking action. Why? Because wishes, dreams, goals and projects may start off with inspiration and visualization but eventually they need regular perspiration or action steps for success.

In my 5 Steps to Goal Success book the first steps are #1 Get Inspired  #2 Get Clear and #3 Get Focused. But then comes the vital next step: #4 Get Going which is all about understanding what it means to take action steps in the direction of your goals.


  • What action do I need to take to achieve my chosen goal?
  • What extent is the action to be taken – How often, how much, when, with whom?
  • What impact will this action and this goal have in my career, relationships or life?

Recently EFT tapping “rockstar guru” Margaret Lynch described  the importance of giving herself a “kick up the bu*tt” to ensure she moves into action and beyond what she calls “stranger danger” in terms of reaching out to others to activate her goals for financial success.

It can be as simple as getting ready to send your first newsletter and really worrying that no one will like it. Oh ya, it takes faith to hit the send button!
Or it can be as big as questioning your entire mission and life purpose when the money, the clients and the opportunities are not lining up. For all of us who have ever moved in the direction (or charged in the direction) of earning an income doing what we truly love, this one can be a daily BEAR!

In her blog Lynch talks about the exact same do or die motivation I once experienced myself when I lost my home in a fire, got divorced and had no income or job even remotely on the horizon.  I prayed for Divine guidance, applied the Law of Attraction teachings of Abraham Hicks, and did the clearing work I now advocate you can do with EFT Tapping.

In the end it came down to the desperate getting off my bu*tt and actioning some promotional activities that did the trick to change my life and manifest a new career.

The more I took action, the quicker my dreams of success started to manifest into reality. I got on track with my life purpose as a coach and intuitive healer specializing in clearing the blocks to goal setting success in health, love, work and happiness. I took action and called radio and television shows, wrote magazine articles about my PR clients and forced myself off my bu*tt.

Lynch calls this…

“Do or Die” Motivation! Also known as “Holy cow, I need to get my but*t in gear because I am running out of money!” motivation.

I asked myself, “What can I do THIS WEEK to create more income, to find more clients, to network more???” I had to come to the hard truth that I really could have been doing more and literally kick myself in the but*t to get out there!
Oh, yuck! That was not as fun as staying in my office and tapping and visualizing more! And…it was definitely not as much fun as learning more expertise in my field. (Okay, I know you can relate!)
But the form of money called INCOME is an energy that responds to like ENERGY – action, movement, people talking to people, giving value, making offers, etc.

What about you? Do you agree?  Do you think smart goal setting requires taking action? I’d love to hear how you make sure you action YOUR dreams and goals into reality. Leave a comment below and if you think it useful for your friends – please tweet and share this post with your peops.

image: danorbit.via Compfight