Drink this in like a MAGIC HEALING POTION to boost your mind, body, and soul today!

True freedom to become more connected and in love with the energy of your future…than the story of your past. Memory is creative and the past is often laced with victim speak we make up! Give up your past identity and sorry story! True how Joe Dispenza says trauma brands itself on the brain and affects the body – what we know in EFT-Matrix Reimprinting.

We can create an inner event that elevates and liberates our body and brain – conditioning ourselves into a new future. Conditioning the body for the future rather than the past (or current traumatic news).

Right now you and I have the power to create a perfect future – THE VISION OF YOUR – AND OUR – FUTURE.

Alternatively, if we steep ourselves in current fear and trauma we impair our IMMUNE SYSTEM which shuts down our inner army of protection. So what do you choose today, this Friday? Fear or Love.?Victim or Hero/ine?

Heart-centered gratitude and joy for embracing this wisdom – that’s my choice!