Speed healing, pain and trauma release with a mind-body approach says Dr Eric Robins in this video. He shares his personal story of applying energy tools like TRE and EFT Tapping to release stress and pain and speed mind-body healing for himself and patients.

A medical practitioner from LA, Dr Robins is one of thousands of professionals worldwide who are now recommending therapies once considered “alternative”  for their patients. Recognised research in trauma healing and neuroscience show how blocked energy affects the muscles and body, no matter what the physical presenting problem.

In previous videos (no longer available) Dr Robins described his journey in this field as follows: At first he studied and applied Pranic Healing. Then he embraced and began to use hypnosis, NLP and Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) especially as adapted in the work of Robert Smith (Eutaptics/Faster EFT).

Dr Robins says “stress thoughts” are more likely to plague us when we are physiologically stressed.

Early childhood traumas affect the size of our plate when it comes to handle the stress that life throws our way. What if we can expand the size of our plate? Thus enabling us to handle life better.

He recommends:
1) BI-NURAL SOUND TECHNOLOGY.Lowering your brain waves down to DELTA. Holosync from Centrepoint and Perfect Meditation (cheaper)
2) TRE – TENSION AND TRAUMA RELEASE EXERCISES and explains his personal journey. Shifting your body out of the FIGHT-FLIGHT-FREEZE AUTOPILOT.


Answer: emotional issues from past traumas and memories. Plus beliefs we take on board in our family of origin.

So how to unblock it to speed healing?

Dr Robins explains that it’s not about telling a patient that it’s all in the mind. Rather explaining how blocked energy affects the muscles or presenting physical problem. He says he knows for sure that this often goes back to a learned response by the body in childhood.

So EFT tapping and energy healing techniques like TRE, FasterEFT and Matrix Reimprinting swiftly address these past memories or traumas naturally and speed healing.

What I personally know for sure is that EFT tapping combined with Matrix Reimprinting is the most effective way to clear this stuck energy from the past affecting your health NOW.  However, like Dr Robins I have been on discovery journey of many tools and techniques over the years and continue to study and experiment with various of them (soon to be described in a book and epic blog post I am working on).

EFT Tapping: Dr Robins says it helped many patients

Need proof? In a previous video (no longer available) Dr Robins described successfully treating patients for the following:

  • premature ejaculation
  • urine/bladder prostrate problems (cleared a trauma from age 5 when he had a urinary tract infection forty-two years previously)
  • a woman with spastic pelvic floor muscles (Dr Robbins used EFT to clear an event at age 5 when she was molested – result: all vaginal pain cleared and could have sex again)

In all cases – as is common knowledge in the Mind-Body field today – he discovered there is a direct and often subconscious memory or link from a past traumatic memory that got locked down into the nervous system.

At his website https://drericrobins.com Dr Oz praises him as follows:

Dr. Robins has helped transform Eastern healing traditions into  digestible food for thought for the Western mind.  This allows people from all walks of life to reengage in these fascinating techniques.” –  Dr. Oz,  The Dr. Oz Show

And Nick Ortner, EFT Tapping bestselling author says:

“Dr. Eric Robins has been a leading voice and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine well before the rest of the field woke up to these important principles.  He constant innovation, marrying Western practice and principles with “outside the mainstream” approaches has been a boon to us all.  I highly recommend that you listen to what he has to say.” – Nick Ortner

So the next time you have back pain or a migraine (or see someone you love suffering) get curious as to how past traumas, big and small may be involved and seek help with an expert in either EFT tapping – or TRE –  to release them and speed healing in the NOW.