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So you want to power- boost the Law of Attraction and Manifestation? You can with EFT Tapping plus advanced tapping protocol “Matrix Reimprinting”.

Here’s the two-step process that lets you create the life you love faster and easier.

Step One – Erase Limiting Beliefs to power-boost the Law of Attraction and Manifestation

First de-materialize, demolish, dissolve and delete the limiting beliefs from past trauma holding you back or keeping you stuck and failing to achieve your dreams and goals. Beliefs stored in the subconscious which unbeknown to you are running your life and causing negative results with the Law of Attraction and manifesting.

These usually go back to past childhood – or in some cases, past life – events that were imprinted on your brain and continue to affect your nervous system, thinking and Law of Attraction and manifestation outcomes.

Similar to Inner Child work

This is similar to Inner Child work but now you are tapping in the matrix on your Younger Self liberating and empowering her with words and suggestions that change the way your Younger Self (or ECHO as we call it in Matrix Reimprinting) understands life and formed limiting beliefs that she is “NOT GOOD ENOUGH” or “SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME”. 

ECHO stands for Energy Consciousness Hologram – meaning it’s stored everywhere in your energy field or matrix, memory bank and embedded in your cells.

EFT Tapping is really surrogate work as your Adult Self aims to liberate your Younger Self from current time.

But when you apply advanced protocol  Matrix Reimprinting in a therapy or coaching session, you help dissolve the memories and beliefs AT SOURCE –  where they are stored in the “lizard brain” (or amygdala). Memories and limiting beliefs were set up by the brain to protect you and prepare you to fight, flight or fight. Or FREEZE when none of those options were available (especially in early childhood).

Step Two – Make a NEW empowering memory to magnetize and power-boost the Law of Attraction and Manifestation

STEP TWO: Now recreate, envisage and describe out loud an alternate scenario for the Younger Self (or ECHO).

As a coach or therapist, give your client a safe space to decide what resources would have helped her feel stronger, braver, good enough – at the time (of the traumatic event). 

Such resources can include light, joy, the Unseen Therapist (as per the EFT protocol of Gary Craig) or your own version of Divine assistance in the guise of Grace, Angels or Guides. Many of my clients bring in loved aunts, grandparents, pets or even a storybook character from their childhood. Such support changes the helpless, hopeless victim belief the Younger Self felt at the time.

Transformation takes place.  A new belief is seeded, takes root and begins to grow during the session. It will continue to flourish and manifest miracles going forward.

The result is a power-boost to your Law of Attraction and manifesting powers to bring into reality your best life – the life you love.

Applying this method of EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting works magically because it involves essential manifestation and Law of Attraction tools that include:

  • FEELING GOOD in thought (you can choose powerful new thoughts), 
  • USING IMAGINATION (mandalas and vision boards,)
  • WORDS (creative journaling and scripting speaking it out loud as if it already happened) and
  • FEELINGS (like gratitude…laughter) 

My Story: why I started doing this work in the first place

I spent most of my adult life trying to apply POSITIVE THINKING to manifest love, money, success in my life.  Believe me, I was frustrated because all the books, courses and effort I made did not bring me to the core of Joy I desired and believed MUST BE POSSIBLE from all the teachings I embraced.

My theme was FEELING STUCK yet wanting to BREAK FREE.

The tipping point came when I became a Reiki Master and my teacher who introduced me to Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction – then called in their teachings the Science of Deliberate Creation.

Lo and behold I got my first taste of Abraham’s teachings via Esther and Jerry Hicks and fell totally, madly, passionately in love.

They gave simple clear ways to understand and apply the Laws of Deliberate Creation, Attraction and Manifestation.  Two things struck me immediately with a huge AHA:

  • what you focus on you get more of (at the time I was tangled deep in trying to fix my ex-husband and getting nowhere…this was my wake-up call)
  • nothing is more important than that you feel good. The single most important question to ask yourself about any decision is…”Does this make me feel good?


Power-boost the Law of Attraction and Manifestation

The end result is that I learned EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting to power-boost the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.  I re-engineered the reality of my life (from single, broke and despairing) to

  • Become financially free doing work I love
  • Meet and marry my dream man
  • Travel the world to dream destinations
  • Live a WFAL (WORK FROM ANYWHERE LIFESTYLE) escaping the UK winters to sunny Cape Town every year
  • Manifesting the Life I Love