Painful parent traumas can scar your Inner Child resulting in damaged adult relationships especially when it comes to finding and feeling loved.

 EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting to the rescue.


Fighting parents leave scars on the Inner Child

I love how EFT-Matrix Reimprinting frees your “inner child,” also called the ECHO or Energy Consciousness Hologram that was frozen in the past.

When you step into a past memory that froze your younger self/inner child/ECHO you bring support in a way that relieves the feelings of isolation, helplessness and fear induced by a dramatic, intense or traumatic situation.

Because we reassure that frightened hurting child of yesteryear that WE have come from the future to listen, give new inner resources and support like EFT tapping to help them feel better.

Sometimes we suggest they also call in a mentor, guide, loving relative (whoever the child chooses). It can even be a pet or character from a storybook. I’ll never forget the time my 40-something client began to chuckle during his session because his inner child called in Popeye the Sailor Man.  The end result: a really powerful shift about his life so he could more easily forgive his parents, especially his mother (Popeye came home with the little boy to stand up for the child in his home situation).


For me the highlight is reimprinting a new joyous, empowering memory for the inner child in the field or “matrix”. You let him or her decide what they would have liked to have happen instead and imprint that new memory (with all the new happy feelings) as an image in vivid color into the brain, heart and body cells before sending it out into the field or matrix.

This truly frees your “inner child” and thus liberates your Adult Self from old patterns and negative beliefs that otherwise would continue to run subconsciously affecting your life, health, abundance, relationships and goals. Instead your life begins to resonate at a new frequency, higher up the emotional vibrational scale, and this activates the Law of Attraction accordingly.

Do this enough times with various childhood traumas and soon you will feel the lightness and inner joy that comes when you discover for yourself how EFT-Matrix Reimprinting frees your “inner child” so elegantly.

Watch this delightful video to remind you to be kind to YOUR “inner child.”