Is Writer’s Block a Myth like Lee Child (of Jack Reacher fame) and many successful writers claim?  I beg to disagree and I prove it in my book, Bust Writer’s Block Forever.

So who am I to say Writer’s Block is not a myth?
Why do I say I can help you break-free from its clutches if you do succumb?

This episode of a podcast season  devoted to Writer’s Block offers more chapters from the book, Bust Writer’s Block Forever by Caryl Westmore , read by AI/Digital narrator Dorothy.

You will hear typical signs of Writer’s Block you may have experienced.
The difference between Outer and Inner Success as an author or writer.

Ultimately, I stand by the latest findings in neuroscience and neuropsychology that trauma and beliefs set up in childhood often have lifelong effects on us mentally and physically. And that includes writers and creatives.

I take the stand that
  • It’s NOT all about mindset
  • It’s NOT a curse you need to cure with mental willpower
  • It’s NOT about declaring war and doing battle mentally to crush the resistance that you encounter at the keyboard.
Feeling stuck in the “messy middle” of your book, article, blog post, or script, you are not dealing simply with toughening up your “mindset.” Unfinished manuscripts languishing on a hard drive need not be your fate.

You can get stuff done with projects:

  • Written, published, and selling worldwide
  • Translated into languages globally
  • Recorded as audiobooks
  • Transformed into courses

As you will hear in the next episode (Chapter 4 of the book) it begins with beliefs.