The shock of visiting her father in prison changed Sarah Edwards’ life forever because she chose a career as a Probation Officer to help others caught up in the prison system.

But then she got burnt out and now focuses instead on coaching other professionals to escape the mental jail of judgement and self-recrimination keeping them from success.

It’s all in her book  “Success on Probation: A Step-by-Step System to Reform Your Life and Release Yourself from the Mental Jail” where she shares a process to help people break free from their mental prisons and avoid burnout based on her experience as a prison Probation Officer.
She also shares what ecstatic dance and reflective writing mean for herself and those she coaches.

### Key Points:
– **Introduction:**
– Caryl welcomes Sarah Edwards, talking about her book *Success on Probation* and her journey from trauma to resilience.

– **Sarah’s Background:**
– Saw her father taken to jail when she was a teenager.
– Felt the shock and emotional pain of having to visit her father behind bars.
– Became interested in understanding crime and rehabilitation.

– **Career Path:**
– Started working as a probation officer in the UK and primarily worked with people involved in the criminal justice system.
– Focused on individual rehabilitation by directing a change of habits and cognitive-behavioral intervention techniques known as CBT.

**Key Insights:**
– The impact and effect of the root causes of crime, including family structure, beliefs, lifestyle, and opportunities.
– The difficulties of working with stubborn probationers.

When she hit rock bottom and faced burnout. One way out was learning the following:

– **Ecstatic Dance:**
– Sarah learned about ecstatic dance as a way to prevent burnout and rediscover the body.
– Talks about the transformative journey through free-form dance and how it helps mental health.

– **Reflective Writing:**
– The importance of journaling and reflective writing as a means of listening to oneself and processing emotions.
– Explains how this practice supported her in making massive life decisions and living her truth.

– **Writing the Book:**
– Encouraged by a mentor to write her book during the pandemic.
– Shares the process of writing and self-publishing *Success on Probation.*
– Delves into the impact of this book on her career and how it led to a TEDx talk.

### Connect with Sarah Edwards:
– **Book:** *Success on Probation* —[Amazon worldwide]
– **Course:** *Soothe Your Soul* (6 weeks)
– **Community:** No More Burnout (Facebook Community)


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