Manifest the life of your dreams in a world that works for all

Marc Allen’s book The Magical Path delivers on the promise that you can learn how he went from “poverty case to millionaire” in a few short years, focusing on doing work he loved and creating the life of his dreams.

Best consumed in its audio format (because of the live meditations read by Marc Allen) The Magical Path is filled with inspiration and motivation to create your perfect dream life.

Best of all for me was experiencing Marc read the meditations and affirmations that he has used his entire life – since he turned 30 – to become a global publisher of 650 books, publish 18 of his own best-selling books and fulfill his musical aspirations at the same time. One day after he was living in his dream house “on the hill in my desired neighborhood,” he sent out a prayer to explode his income and abundance to a whole new level.

A few weeks later he was given the chance to sign up Eckhard Tolle’s book The Power of Now – A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment which was later picked up by Oprah and has gone on to sell millions of copies.


In an interview with Caryl Westmore on her Write the Book Inside You Podcast,  Marc Allen shares that he is essentially lazy which is why he set our to manifest “success with ease” as his motto for life. He also believes in ending his affirmations by stating “his or something better – in an easy and relaxed manner, in its own perfect time – for the highest good of all concerned.”

Another affirmation he shares is “I do wonderful work in a wonderful way with wonderful people for wonderful pay” because it totally transformed one of his friend’s life after she repeated it daily and manifested her dream work and life.

Like Marc’s longtime friend (now sadly deceased) Shakti Gawain who wrote Creative Visualization which I also highly recommend for its powerful manifestation tools, Marc is an inspiration for living our life successfully, lovingly, peacefully.