Shirin Etessam, author of transformative book, “Free to Be: A Six-Week Guide to Reclaiming Your Soul” shares her journey of self-discovery and healing, emphasizing the importance of play in overcoming life’s challenges.

Key Points:

  • Introduction to Shirin Etessam:
    • Shirin’s background in the film and media industry.
    • The pivotal breakup that led to her soul-searching journey.
  • The Journey to Writing “Free to Be, A six-week Guide to Reclaiming your Soul”:
    • She felt “dead inside” despite outward glamorous success.
    • The six-year process of rewriting her life’s story ( distilled into six weeks in the book).
  • The Writing Process:
  • Overcoming the “monkey mind” and internal gremlins to stay focused on writing.
  • Structured approach: Committing to writing a chapter a month, working with editors, and testing exercises with a focus group.
  • Daily Purge and Morning Routine:
    • Importance of the “daily purge”: A six-minute exercise to clear negativity and declutter the mind.
    • Different forms of the daily purge, including writing, dancing, and outdoor activities.
  • Week-by-Week Breakdown of “Free to Be”:
    • Week One: Decluttering and detoxing the mind.
    • Week Two: Taking care of and protecting the heart.
    • Week Three: Detoxing the body and resetting the relationship with it.
    • Week Four: Embracing play as an essential part of life.
    • Week Five: Finding your true north and understanding the difference between soul and spirit.
    • Week Six: Rewriting your story from the inside out.
  • The Importance of Play:
    • Play as an unintentional yet essential activity for creativity and emotional well-being.
    • Examples of play: Dancing, playing with pets, exploring new places, and engaging in creative activities.
    • Encouraging listeners to identify their “play personality” and incorporate play into their daily lives.
  • Practical Applications and Spiritual Wellness:
    • The continuous journey of self-discovery and the importance of integrating spiritual wellness into daily life.
    • Shirin’s mission to redefine spirituality as spiritual health and wellness, distinct from religious connotations.

Author Shirin Etessam and her book Free to Be

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