👉   Caryl Westmore interviews author Jenn T. Grace about her riveting memoir “House on Fire” and her work as CEO of Publish with Purpose and Podcast host of “Invisible Stories -Write to be Seen”.

You will love this podcast if…

*You are currently facing or have overcome trauma and challenges in your life – and want inspiration.
* You are a healer, therapist or heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to help others overcome their traumas so they can speak up and shine as they serve the world
* You want to write your MEMOIR

Jenn T. Grace, a nationally recognized business strategist, speaker, and author whose mission is sharing the story of underrepresented voices such as the community known as LBGTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning)

Topics in her memoir include:
*Her chaotic childhood with an alcoholic mother
*Her adopted sister having the undiagnosed Mental Health problem of RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder)
*Later how she and then-wife adopted her sister’s daughter (also suffering from RAD)
* Coming through the dark times (including the fire) to see her purpose and mission

She has helped 100+ such voices to publish their books as the Founder of Publish Your Purpose Press and has written 6 books including this memoir.

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