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The Art of the Podcast Power Pitch with today’s guest Adrian Moreno, aims to show Authors & Coaches how to get booked on more than 10-20 podcasts a month without having to fork out thousands of dollars on a booking agency.

聽“Podcast Guesting For Profits”聽is Adrian Moreno’s course.
And he spills the secrets of his success to Cary Westmore in this interview.

Have you ever wondered how some authors and coaches get featured on all the right podcasts? 馃 It’s not just luck鈥攊t’s an art! And today, I’m excited to share the secrets behind crafting a pitch that gets you heard. 馃帶

Adrian Moreno, hypnotherapist turned successful entrepreneur, has harnessed the power of podcast pitching to tell his story and boost his business into a quarter of a million dollar success story within 18 months of being broke.

He now shares his unique approach to captivating podcast hosts and their audiences for writers and authors to make more impact and profit.

Adrian’s Insight on Crafting a Compelling Pitch

Adrian believes in the simple but powerful concept of winning two seconds at a time in a short loom video with your pitch. By immediately engaging someone with their own name and weaving a compelling narrative, you can incrementally earn their attention until they’re invested in your story鈥攁nd, by extension, in what you have to offer.

From Fitness Coach to Storyselling Hypnotherapist

Adrian’s journey wasn’t always smooth. As a fitness coach in 2018, he had a personal victory of losing a hundred pounds, which became his initial success story. However, a series of poor financial decisions left him with only $3,000 to his name. This low point impacted his confidence, making it difficult to acquire clients and almost sinking his business.

A Turning Point through Hypnotherapy

Despite the challenges, Adrian’s skills in hypnotherapy became his saving grace. He recounts how a satisfied client invited him to a mastermind group to conduct a hypnotherapy session, which led to a rapid and unexpected increase in clientele and a considerable boost in income, proving the effectiveness of his methods.

Adrian’s Philosophy: Storytelling

Adrian emphasizes the importance of storytelling鈥攐r “storyselling,” as Caryl dubs it 鈥 in pitches and marketing. By sharing compelling stories that resonate with your audience, you connect with them on a deeper level, which can ultimately lead to business growth and success.聽And guaranteed profits when you follow up with the right email campaigns.

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TRANSCRIPTION (abbreviated)

Caryl Westmore: Welcome to the “Write the Book Inside You” podcast, where we provide tips, tools, and interviews for coaches and healers like you who want to write a non-fiction book to boost your visibility, clients, and cash flow while making a difference. I’m your host, Caryl Westmore, a multi-published author and energy psychology tapping book coach. Let’s dive into today’s episode.

Adrian, I’ve been following you for a while, and I’m fascinated by your story. You’ve pivoted from being a successful hypnotherapist to a trailblazing entrepreneur, leveraging the power of podcast technology to build a quarter-of-a-million-dollar business in just 18 months. Your approach to storytelling 鈥 or should we say story selling 鈥 has not only captivated podcast hosts and their audiences but also resulted in an impressive number of sign-ups for your free offers, followed by compelling daily emails that truly pay off. Today, you’re here to share your journey and teach other coaches, course creators, and authors how to replicate your success. Welcome, Adrian

Adrian Moreno: Thank you, Caryl. It’s great to be here, and I appreciate the lively introduction.

Caryl: Adrian, you have a remarkable way of turning low moments into powerful pivots. Share with us that turning point in your life that solidified your belief in the art of podcast power pitching.

Adrian: Well, it’s like they say, “Just jump into the water and start swimming, and you’ll eventually get to where you’re going.” Back in 2018, I was a fitness coach who had just lost a significant amount of weight, and that became my narrative, which led to the creation of a fitness program. Early on, I made close to $300,000, but a series of poor financial decisions left me with virtually nothing.

A period of struggle followed where the lack of clients made me doubt my abilities. During this time of low confidence, I decided to start fresh with what I knew I was good at: hypnotherapy. Using this skill, I aimed to rebuild my business. Despite still using traditional methods like social media, a breakthrough came when a hypnosis client, impressed with my work, invited me to her mastermind group. After a single Zoom call with them, three participants reached out, and each signed up for my $5,000 program, paying in full. In just two days, I made $15,000 from a one-hour talk.

This success prompted a moment of reflection. Instead of marketing directly to my buyers, I thought, why not connect with those who already have their trust? That’s when I realized podcasts are like little masterminds. The host is the trusted leader, and the listeners are an engaged audience. If I could get booked on a podcast, even with a modest audience, I could earn their trust and bring them onto my list. And that’s what led me to the world of podcast pitching.

Caryl: You’re a testament to the idea that everyone has a unique story that can inspire others. And in your case, storytelling has been a key strategy not just in podcast pitching, but also in the content you create. Can you share the secret behind the power of storytelling?

Adrian: Absolutely. Stories evoke images in our minds, prompting us to action. As a former podcast host, I used to receive numerous pitches that all sounded the same. They were impersonal, merely listing achievements and what the guest could offer. But storytelling is different. It’s not about telling people what you do; it’s about sharing why you do it. This opens people up to receive your message, which is why I embed storytelling into every pitch.

Caryl: Adrian, you’ve given us a masterclass in using stories to change beliefs. As someone who overcame speech impediments, you’ve demonstrated that it’s not about starting perfectly; it’s about starting and improving along the way. I’d like to remind our listeners that Adrian has generously provided a list of over 1,600 podcasts that you can pitch to, which you can find at

Adrian, any final thoughts?

Adrian: Just that belief is crucial. Believe that your voice matters, your story matters, and that you can start making a difference today. And remember, it’s not about finding your voice; it’s about using it.

Caryl: Thanks for that powerful message, Adrian. To our listeners, don’t forget to check out Adrian’s resources

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