Susan Kennard ushers in the New Year of 2023 with this episode about her new book and a message from her Galactic Guides.

Susan Kennard, Psychic Medium and author of Awaken the Light within your Heart, has a message from her Galactic Guides about where we are heading from a spiritual perspective in the coming year/s.
Stay to the end for this message!
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We chat about why we must heal our inner traumas, stories and blocks, so thus raising our frequency. This enables us to truly live the life we love, and fulfil our destiny as part of our mission on the earth.

Susan is a spiritual scientist and psychic medium, who originally trained and worked in psychotherapy and trauma healing, which, as many of you know, is something close to my own heart, as an Energy Psychology and Manifestation Coach for the past 20 years.

We discuss how Susan was called to be a medium and channel for healing the collective as she and her Galactic Guides call us. It began the year a dear friend Martin committed suicide…listen as she recounts her story.

I’m particularly excited to be hosting her as she discusses her new book, Awaken the Light within your Heart, which as you will hear in the interview, she credits me with initially helping her move in the right direction to getting it published. She says the book is encoded with healing energy from her Galactic Guides. And if you listen to the end, you will hear her channel her guides giving an answer to my question, what is in store for us in 2023?

Susan says she was called to write her book because: “I wanted people to understand that they too, can heal themselves, and that they have their guidance and their own GPS to help them do that.”

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Susan Kennard, Caryl Westmore

Caryl Westmore  00:00

It’s New Year’s Day, January the first 2023 as I put out this interview, which includes a channelled message for what we can expect in the coming year, from the galactic guides of my very special guest, Susan Kennard. We chat about carrying our inner traumas and blocks, so as to better shine more fully, thus raising our frequency in the coming year, so we can truly live the life we love, and were destined to live as part of our mission on the earth. Susan is a spiritual scientist and psychic medium, who originally trained and worked in psychotherapy and trauma healing, which, as many of you know, is something close to my own heart as an energy psychology and manifestation coach for the past 20 years. We discuss how Susan was called to be a medium and channel healing the collective as she and her Galactic Guides call us. I’m particularly excited to be hosting her as she discusses her new book called Awaken the Light within your Heart, which as you will hear in the interview, she credits me with initially helping her move in the right direction to getting it published. At my instigation, she entered a Hay House competition and won a prize to have her book published by their sister company Balboa Press. She talks about the book which she says is encoded with healing energy from her galactic guides. And if you listen to the end, you will hear her channel her galactic guides giving an answer to my question, what is in store for us in 2023?

Caryl Westmore  01:48

I’m also thrilled to announce that my new book, The Inner Path of Writing, Make Love not War to the Writer Within – with a foreword by Dr. Joe Vitale – will be published this coming month January 2023. Packed with wisdom from more than 20 world class experts in Writing, Publishing, and Personal Transformation, this book will inspire authors, new and experienced, to overcome their inner blocks and be more productive and prosperous in their careers.

Caryl Westmore  02:30

Hello, and welcome to the Write the Book Inside You podcast– Tips, Tools and interviews for coaches and healers like you who want to write a nonfiction book to boost your visibility, clients, and cash flow while making a difference. I’m your host Caryl Westmore, a multi published author and energy psychology tapping book coach. Now let’s jump into today’s episode.

Caryl Westmore  02:57

Susan Kennard is known as a spiritual scientist, originally trained in psychology and psychotherapy, helping clear past traumas, especially from childhood. She was unexpectedly called to be a medium and a channel, today working with language and galactic guides, who actually helped her channel much of her book, which has just been published, and which we will be talking about today. Welcome, Susan.

Susan Kennard  03:25

Thank you so much, Caryl, for having me on your amazing podcast.

Caryl Westmore  03:30

I’m excited to be here. What’s the name of your book, Susan, and why you were called to write it?

Susan Kennard  03:36

My book’s called Awaken the Lght within your Heart. And essentially, the reason why I was called to write it is it’s it’s pretty much my life’s work as a trauma specialist, but also a channel for spirit and source. And I was called to write it as another way to help the collective to heal themselves. I wanted people to understand that they too, can heal themselves, and that they have their guidance and their own GPS to help them do that,

Susan Kennard  04:03

The reason why we need to heal ourselves is so that we raise our frequency, our consciousness, and that we step more fully into the ascension pathway, which is really truly our birthright of abundance and freedom. And what I’ve found is that as we heal our trauma pieces, little trauma stories, half of them we don’t even know about because they come from other times other dimensions and our ancestral lineage. When we clear those a deep cellular frequency level, we create amazing lives. And so I stumbled upon that from working with veterans many years ago in my trauma practice with PTSD and I noticed that as they healed their their trauma piece, their post traumatic stress piece, they were able to enhance their life in ways that I could never have imagined for them when they were you know, in a person that basically couldn’t go outside the door, or when they heard a sound, you know, a door closing or a car backfiring, they just went into that PTSD, trauma space. So to see this happening so quickly, I realised that we are this true cellular frequency that holds the soul having a human experience, and that when we can heal that we are truly stepping fully into our mission.

Susan Kennard  04:43

Yeah, I like that.  What is a mission? For the listeners? What is their mission?

Susan Kennard  05:39

So if you think about, you know, having something that lights you up. So for example, you’re, you know, you’re recording this podcast, I love what I do. And we feel it’s not really like work, it’s more like, the thing that drives you, the thing that gets you up in the morning, the, the passion that you have, that is when you know, you’re on your mission. So I believe that you know, and I’ve worked with my guides for many, many years now, sort of 25 to 30 years. And I believe that we came in at this time, to really expand consciousness, and to remember 100%, who we are. And if we took this jacket off, which is our physical body, we’ll be able to see and know exactly why we came. And yours might be different to me, you know, somebody listening to this might, might not necessarily be a particularly spiritual person. And that really doesn’t matter.

It’s not about that it’s about living your true joy, and not be beholden to, I should do this, I shouldn’t do that. And so what I help people do is to clear the parts of them where they truly didn’t believe in themselves. You know, it’s like, Oh, I couldn’t possibly do that. Or, I’m, you know, I was killed for being a healer many times before. And so I’ve got this fear of actually stepping out and speaking, the word of source or speaking from my heart, the truth. And so there are many levels. When we’re thinking about our mission, there are many levels that we could work on. But the key thing is living your joy.

Caryl Westmore interviews Susan Kennard on her Write the Book Inside You Podcast

Awaken the Light Within

Caryl Westmore  07:19

Yeah, I really understand that. From what I’ve experienced in my own life. And for you. Would you say living your joy goes beyond having healed past traumas, but interacting with what you call the galactic guides? We’ll come back to the book and how you came to write it. But a key part of it is that you accessed channelled¬† messages from them to put in the book, when I said you unexpectedly were called to be a medium thinking of yourself as as, as a psychotherapist, tell us about that moment, when maybe it was over a period of a year. But it started with a particular moment.

Susan Kennard  08:00

It started with a particular awakening, which felt like an incredible trauma at the time. So I was about 27. And in astrology that is around about our Saturn Return our first Saturn Return. And I didn’t know that at the time, of course, I had this awakening where a dear friend of mine called Martin, and I speak about him in the book actually took his life. Now we have previously been in a relationship. So years previously, we’d been boyfriend and girlfriend, we travelled a lot. He was from New Zealand. And so we’d spent a lot of time together, having fun, and he took his life, his girlfriend, let me know. And one night, a few months after that, I felt someone in the room. And this was the point where I wasn’t particularly aware, I wasn’t particularly conscious of who I was at all. In fact, I was, you know, I was a psychotherapist, I was doing my postgraduate degree. And there was a lot of work in my life that I was focusing on in research and so on. I definitely was not thinking about other experiences, things that go bump in the night or anything like that. And I had this feeling that someone was in the room, but I couldn’t move. And I felt like someone was trying to wake me up. And it really felt Caryl like someone had their hands on my shoulder. And I totally, totally believed that that was true. And yet, I didn’t feel scared in the way that I had to get out of that room. I felt that there was something that made me surprised and out of my comfort zone. But it wasn’t a fear that was terrifying.

Susan Kennard  09:39

A few weeks later, I kept speaking about it with friends, and I said I can’t sleep I’m worried it’s going to happen again. And at that time, I didn’t know it’s Martin. So someone got me a reading. They didn’t tell the person anything about me and I just had this reading and sat with this woman and she literally told me things that Martin and I had done together places we’ve been that no one knew about… we did it on our travels, and special beaches and experiences we’d had? I said, How do you know all of that? Because nobody knows that. And she said, I’ve got him here with me. And then she said, he’s been trying to contact you let you know that he’s okay. And then she said, he tried, you know, recently, to let you know that life goes on. And so when I when I know exactly what this is, he basically had come in to let me know. So then at the end of the reading, she held my hands. And she looked at me and she said, and by the way, this is your journey, you’re you’re walking the path of a master psychic, and I was like, Oh, forget it. I’m a psychologist, I’m a psychotherapist, I’m not interested. And a little while later, I kept seeing opportunities for meditation. And I was doing my postgraduate degree, I was very busy, very stressed with it all. I thought, oh, meditation, that’s a good idea. And there was a lot of research, because I was a scientist, a lot of research that says that Transcendental Meditation is really good. So I decided to go on the journey of TM, transcendental meditation, and my whole world opened up. And so I had that spiritual awakening, I had the opening of really feeling this energetic frequency within me, which then led me to actually explore being a researcher being a scientist, I wanted evidence. So I basically went to the College of Psychic Studies. This is later this wasn’t all in one go. But it led me to realise that actually, we are a soul having this human experience. And we’re not just this mind and body that we’re led to believe, you know, that from the medical model, you know, mind is separate from body. Of course, mind isn’t separate from body, but neither is soul. So we have this whole beautiful system within us, which is just integrated, and our soul is talking to us via our vehicle, our body all the time. So hence, how we can listen to see what messages are coming through about what we need to heal on some level. So essentially, that was, you know, the starting of it all. And I ended up working on the platforms as a medium in London. And it was, I didn’t expect that. But of course, now when I look back at it, that was the starting of my public speaking career, and how I started to, you know, kind of experience being in front of an audience. And I didn’t know that at the time, but when I look back, of course, I was channelling and that was what I was doing then even though I didn’t know it. So it’s, it was an incredible journey. And I always say to people, if I can do it, you can do it. I certainly was not open to being a medium and those people that are waking up now I just on such a great timeline, because we’re being fast tracked big time.

Caryl Westmore  13:20

But you say if I can do it, you can do it. But you do not have a pre arranged soul calling, you know, before I came here to be a special kind of medium and channel.

Susan Kennard  13:33

Oh, yeah, I mean, I think you do, but I do honestly know that our soul decided to come in and say, I’m not doing this on my own. I’ve got my team with me. You know, I obviously I work a lot with the Galactics, but we have many teams that work with us, so angelic presences.

Caryl Westmore  13:49

So for each of us, there’s the team working with especially those of us who are intent on making a difference in the world in some healing capacity.

Susan Kennard  13:59

But actually, everyone, Caryl, everyone has their team, everyone has their guidance, and everyone chose at this time to volunteer. So whether we come in as a star seed, you know, galactic star seeds, whether we come in as somebody who gardens or who cleans the streets, or who you know, works in a shop, it doesn’t matter, you know, you have your unique reason for being here. And you have your team of guidance supporting you. Absolutely everybody can tap into that team of guidance. It just depends on if you’re open to it. And if you’ve remembered who you are.

Caryl Westmore  14:39

Doing that by clearing the beliefs and the blocks which could stop you. It brings me back to my own calling at the beginning of the pandemic to help healers wrap their books rather than for me as a writer to who’s interested in healing to write more books myself although that that’s great, but I was told you need to To help others and you know, make a bigger difference in the world or you call it the collective, don’t you? I think I was on your podcast. And you mentioned you wanted to do a book. And, you know, there was some aspect of what I was trying to do with other people¬† which I applied to you, Tell us about it, from your perspective,

Susan Kennard  15:20

so Well, I just want to say for everybody listening, Caryl and I were in touch, some conversation we were having, and you said, Oh, have you seen the Hay House writers competition? And I said, Yeah, I have seen that. Yeah, I saw it advertised. And you said you were going to get signed up to?

Caryl Westmore  15:38

Well, I was helping another client. Yeah, because I like to self publish. I didn’t really intend to get out there. But I could see that for you with your background it was perfect. Because everyone who attended had a chance to put in a proposal. So that was the beginning. And we talked, we talked about the title, you had a sparkle in yours. And I said, I really think you know, you should keep to what you do re awakening. You know, you’re what you’re known for as your title. And then okay, then tell us what happened when you.

Susan Kennard  16:15

So the reason why it was sparkle in the title originally was because the process is in part three, and I never go through the book. But in part three of my book is all of my healing processes that are in there. Part two is the channel guides piece and lots of healing processes. And Part one is my story. But part three was actually called sparkle to success. That was a programme I used to run. So we were Yeah, so we were having that conversation. So that’s why sparkle came into it to me about that.

Caryl Westmore  16:46

Because one of my one of the things I love to do is to speak to someone, and then find the gold in what could be their book. Tell us about what happened. And when you did propose,

Susan Kennard  16:58

You have your idea. I knew I wanted this book to be out in the world, but I wanted it to be out in the world, so as I said, at the start, so just another avenue for people to heal themselves. You know, I have a YouTube channel, I do all of that stuff. And I have a following. But I thought how amazing if people could have a physical book and audio book or Kindle book, whatever they need, however, they choose that medium, to read and to heal. And so I just knew that it had to happen. And I didn’t know how it was going to happen. And then obviously, speak to Caryl, I signed up to that that workshop, I think it was 2020.

Susan Kennard  17:39

So it was October 2020, just basically said, Right, okay, how am I going to do this. So I actually got somebody to help me a professional editor to help me with the proposal. And the proposal, if you’re listening to this, the proposal was so helpful in the end, because it was 12,000 words that I eventually proposed to Hay House to the competition. And that was so helpful when I actually came to write the book properly, because I took aspects of it that were really helpful. But yeah, the proposal was the key. And I honestly believe that I won a publishing contract with Balboa press, which is the sister company or brother company of Hay House, because of that proposal, and of course, universe and I had a chat with Louise Hay as well, who passed away obviously, everyone knows, but I had a chat with her. And I said, Louise, if you want me to get this book out to the world help me to get a publishing contract. And, you know, I just feel very honoured that they saw something in my proposal that they thought was going to really serve humanity. And actually, the CEO of Hay House, wrote to me, you know, which was really lovely, after it was published and said, congratulation, people have an idea of a book, but they very rarely following through. And so that just really made my heart sing.

Caryl Westmore  19:19

Let’s dive into the book you mentioned, there are three parts starting with Part 1 your own story, Where do you tell the story of the guides, is that in Part 2?

Susan Kennard  19:27

Part 2 is the channelling from the guides. I channelled that whole section in three days. And of course, I changed it moved it around from the raw channelling. The key thing about that is it’s actually encoded with healing. So as people are reading it, and I’ve had loads of people say to me, Oh, my God, I felt that energy inside me what the guides said to me as they were channelling it was that every s

Susan Kennard  19:27

Which is where some people need to start. And then are you are you saying that then they they will open up in in their quiet time and their meditation to their team and to their own channelled information, because I know there are writers, and we talking as well to writers who believe that when they sit down, sometimes they can invoke this channel. Julia Cameron was one of them, as you know, her The Artist’s Way book, and there must be others who say something’s coming through them. And I try and do that with my work. I ask to be a channel for the words that need to come. And then of course, we can get our editor and you know, proofreaders, etc.

Susan Kennard  21:15

We’re good at what we do, you know, we do and I think it’s really important to honour that we’re good at what we do, and somebody else is an expert at what they do. And so you get that expert to assist you on that journey. But yeah, talking about the channel. So basically, going back to what you asked it to, as people read it, do they start to heal and then connect? Yes, definitely. But also, they start to notice different opportunities come into their life. So as we heal our if you imagine it like a radio wave, we are a particular radio wave. So we are emitting that radio wave out to the world. So we get back that reflection of that frequency. So what we can do by doing this work, by healing our inner frequency, we’re actually shifting our frequency in the outer world as well, we get back a reflection of our mirror, let’s put a mirror. So we are this mirror, it reflects out and we get back that reflection of that mirror. So we take responsibility, and part of the book I really want to for people to understand is that we get our reflection. So it’s our responsibility then to actually tweak and heal and look at our own reflection and non blame someone else if someone’s done us wrong, which is really great thing. Because as we do that any opportunity that comes into our life might say it’s bad, you might say it’s good. We can say, Oh, wow, that’s interesting. I wonder how I attracted that.

Caryl Westmore  22:54

So could you give us a story of either yourself or someone who was blown away with practising some aspect of this? How their lives changed?

Susan Kennard  23:03

Think of a couple of really incredible ones where people come to me, and they have maybe a physical disease. And this one particular lady came to me it was a couple of years ago, and she had a particular diagnosis. And she tried everything. And so we worked together by healing the parts of her that she hadn’t looked at. And in her case, it was childhood trauma. She had everything going for her. She used to run, she had a healthy diet, but the thing she hadn’t done was worked with the trauma. Now this trauma had come from witnessing her mom, with partners who had abused her. So she’d seen this and internalised that in the sense that she was unworthy as a woman, etc. She lost all her power. So we worked with and her diagnosis was in a female area of her body. So it made sense that that’s why it was showing up. She worked with that she healed that and what happened, because I work with my guides, and I’m listening the whole time. So I’m seeing into the body, but I’m listening to what my guides are saying to her. What they were saying to me was, you’re going to look back on this. And this is your journey of going home. Now, they didn’t mean going home to spirit. They meant coming home to who she was. And now when I look at her, she’s just about to write her book. She which is amazing. I’ll put her in contact with you, Caryl. She’s about to write her book. She has her own practice, healing practice. She has a blog, she I’m watching this beautiful soul unfold. And what happens is I see this all the time. I see people come off medication they’ve been on for like 20 years.

Susan Kennard  24:53

I see people heal their relationships. One lady during the pandemic time, people have different beliefs, right. And so her husband chose a different way of looking at it. And she chose her own way of looking at the pandemic, it was at the point where they were basically going to split up, because they had the experience of one deciding that what was going on in the world was they believed on that level. And she didn’t believe that she believed a completely different thing. So they were just about to split up. So we did this process called cutting the ties that bind, it’s actually in my book, and with forgiveness, and her relationship, not only transformed, where they could actually speak about it, but they could agree that each one had a different view. And that was fine. But her relationships with her family changed. So she went to events and parties, where she had normally been seen as the black sheep of the family. And actually, she was told how important she was how loved she was. And this is a prime example of as we heal our inner self, and cut these cords and these lifetimes and so on, we then reflect a different experience back. So she now has her own spiritual jewellery, business, And so I’m watching this happen all the time. So to me, this is profound healing, and it is when people heal these deep parts of them that have held them back.


Caryl Westmore  26:32

Well, as you know, that that has been my path the last 20 years, doing exactly something similar helping people and seeing them blossom, when they release past trauma, release negative beliefs.. And it’s an amazing, wonderful thing. But it’s good to hear you have a different pathway to doing it. Maybe I am channelling I feel I’m just intuitive. And I know that I’m being guided by grace, that I¬† don’t say to people I’m channelling galactic, talking of which, who is the galactic gods who are there. I’ve heard you mention a range.

Susan Kennard  27:11

For me, are the first ones to come in were the Pleiadian Collective. And they are the ones that work with me – the ninth dimensional Pleiadian collective. And they come in with tones and frequency. And they heal resentment from other, they heal resentment held in the heart field. And they balance the love vibration within our heart. So I love working with them. They were the first ones that came in, we have the Arcturian Council, so from Arcturus and they come in and heal old stories. So old lifetimes, I get get shown these tablets of lifetimes with people held in the Akashic records. So I see those healed and they come in with light language. So a language that is of the light, so not just tones, but with language. Mother Mary works with me, she comes in and it’s almost like singing a beautiful song to the inner child and usually the baby’s out. So quite often, she’ll come in and help with baby growing in the womb, being born and so on that the suffering child Jeshua pops in sometimes, because he kind of works quite closely with her. And he works with the forgiveness piece and the surrender piece with my galactic chambers. He’s often in the crystal galactic Chambers as well. How

Caryl Westmore  28:28

would you say just repeat that Jesus issues? Yeah,

Susan Kennard  28:33

the newest team are the Sirian High Council. Syrian High Council come in as like a purpley magenta colour with me see them to the right they come in to the right. And they come in and they speak to the soul. So they come in with their light language you’ll find that on my five minute frequency tune up on my YouTube channel, which is just my name Susan cannot. And every Friday morning I a new video goes out with with the Galactics

Caryl Westmore  29:02

do you close your eyes and channel it or or are you listening? And then

Susan Kennard  29:07

I can see them and I can hear the language before it comes in. And then I speak it. And yeah, often I’ve got my eyes closed continue

Caryl Westmore  29:16

Is anyone else? merry band of Galactics I’m not I’m not. I’m not being funny. I’m just saying it sounds sounds fun.

Susan Kennard  29:26

Actually, they’re my friends say they’re not going to stack them to share. So so we have our council of light. So we all have our council and our council of light have been travelling with us through all of our lifetimes. But we have different guides that come in and help us depending on what we’re doing at that time on our mission. Okay, so some people will talk about guides, Egyptian guide, Chinese guides, etc, etc and angelic frequencies. I just at the moment work a lot with the galactic so I work with this frequency that’s come began to assist ascension. But my frequency had to be at that frequency for them to match me. So it’s not that we stop healing ourselves, we just keep on refining and fine tuning our frequency. And as we do that, then other guides will come in and assist us. So there are many councils Lightstep in Ashtar from Ashtar Command comes in and really oversees many of the Galactic frequencies. And McHale Sadak. I haven’t forgotten in the council deck, I just been reminded. McHale Sadak is the overseer of the universe. And when he comes in and comes in the galactic Chambers as well, when he comes in, he holds out his book of codes. And essentially, he channels through through me, and activation for your mission. So I love that I love that when he comes through because he really is activating people to why they’re really here,

Caryl Westmore  31:00

again, to throw a spanner in this whole conversation, which I can just hear my listeners asking, Where does God come into this?

Susan Kennard  31:09

Absolutely, I see God grace Source Creator, as one. So I see that all of these beings that work with me, are a part of God, as you are a part of God, as I am a part of God. So we are all part of the one incredible, essence, creator. And we are just here as if you see as a spark of light of God. So a spark of light of creator. And we are almost like the children like the little the little ones of creator. So that’s kind of quite often the guides will say to me, tis done child. And I feel like I’m given that so that I know. Like if I ask that anyone or for myself, I hear it’s done. And it’s almost like it’s granted, you know, ask and if given and it’s almost like of course child. Yeah. So it’s like that kind of you are a child of God. That’s how I see it. I don’t see it in religion. I don’t see it. Although I was brought up religiously. I don’t see it that way. And there’s no judgement with any of that. But this is the way I see it. And the way that my guides give it to me.

Caryl Westmore  32:26

I think that’s very, very helpful for anyone who has that question x what what are their galactic chambers, I heard you mentioned this.

Susan Kennard  32:35

So I will talk about this. I also talk about what goes with my book, or separate to my book is The Journal of insight. So when we’re working with our guides, or we’re trying to listen to the next steps in our life, and I know that a lot of people have going through a really difficult time, you know, we’re recording this in 2022, or the end of 22.¬† Lots of people are really struggling. And one of the key things I find is that having my trust and my connection to my guides, it allows me to feel completely at ease with anything, find I don’t have to plan or I don’t feel I have to plan because I know that everything always works out. And even in times when it was really difficult when I had the two babies – are teenagers. But when I was a single parent with two babies, I still knew because I’d worked with my guides, I still knew that I was always looked after. And I look back and say, Wow, this is it. So I created with the help of guides, a Journal of Insight and it goes along with the book, it’s easy, then you’ve got the Journal of insight, you can have it in your hand and daily, you can journal and listen to what the guides are trying to say to you or trying to convey to you. And so it’s like almost like a focus for you. And it’s got a beautiful message in it from the guides a channelled message. And it’s encoded with healing from the guides. So as you sit with your journal of insight, the guides automatically come close to you. It’s almost like an intention, I created it with the love of the guide so that everyone that has one has this experience. So I’m excited about that. I’m really excited about that.

Caryl Westmore  34:19

And I believe you will also be recording your book, there’ll be an audio version as well,

Susan Kennard  34:25

Because the book is recorded with my voice that guides frequency come through me when I speak so I needed to record it and not an actor.

Caryl Westmore  34:34

Before we move to the end of this interview, would you be willing to share one of the tools that you think would help people who want to write a book or people who thinking what’s ahead of me for 2023 which I’d like to ask you to finish on.

Susan Kennard  34:54

have the galactic crystal healing chambers which were channelled from Atlantis and so often the Got that text as well. And there’s one called mission. And so people can find that on my website which you will put in the shownotes.

Caryl Westmore  35:10

Susan Kennard  35:13

Yeah. And you can step into the Galactic chamber, it’s remote. Once you’ve stepped into it, once you’ve signed up to it, it’s remote. So basically, as soon as you sign up to it, you’re in it. And it allows you to kind of let go of how is this going to happen? So that’s a really good thing to do. And it’s a whole page of galactic chambers that people could look for animals and children and relationships, you name it.

Caryl Westmore  35:39

Are you involved in those?

Susan Kennard  35:41

I channelled them. It is literally working for you 24/7. And you can stay in it for as long as you want to stay in it. So you can stop this subscription at any time, just press the button and say I’m done. So yeah, that’s really good. The other thing that’s coming to me is, there’s an amazing process in my book, Awaken the Light Within, a process called the emotional wall. If you could just imagine there’s a wall in front of you. I can give you a snippet of how it works. And essentially, that wall represents what stops you. So you imagine you’re standing behind it, I take you through it in detail in the book. And on the audio, of course, you’re going to actually hear me taking you through it. But essentially, you’re standing behind the wall, and you may get a sense of what’s on the other side of the wall, you may not, and then there’s a child standing next to you. And that child standing next to you is your inner child. And that’s the piece where you felt disconnected, you never are disconnected to source, but you felt it. And so what we do is we heal that child, and that child gets reunited into you. So the integration happens, and the wall isn’t there anymore, and you step forward into your future. It’s so powerful. And it stops you from thinking why you know, the wall represents the fear or the wall represents whatever your you’re dealing with at the time, I feel I won’t be accepted, I’m going to be judged, I’m not good enough, whatever it might be. So you access the process from the perspective of the unwanted emotion. But I take you through all of that in detail. And it is fascinating what happens, because we don’t need to know – our soul knows already. What it is. And our inner child knows that part as well.

Caryl Westmore  37:51

What do your guides tell us about the way this year has gone and how it’s going to be in 2023? Give me some idea of how you feel our world is going the things that are facing us in 2023.

Susan Kennard  38:05

I truly believe and obviously my guides are talking to me all the time. I could channel something if you want. Yeah, it’s a bit of fun, isn’t it?¬† Okay, so they’re saying, so this is actually the Sirians, but they’re not going to come in light language, because then everybody can understand the words. So they’re saying that the Great Awakening that has happened on our planet has there wasn’t there were no mistakes with this great awakening that we were meant to experience the seemingly perceived division of two groups. And so as we perceive this division of two groups, it allows us to heal our fears, our judgement, our story. And we tried to do this in Atlantean times, however, we did not succeed. And we chose this time to come and bring incredible expansion as we create this new golden Earth. As we create this new golden earth we are the conduit of light that comes to experience abundance, freedom, and creating with Source Creator, All that is, as you call them, to allow you to manifest and create on your journey of your mission. You will see as we step into, as you see on your timeline of the 2023 you will see that the frequency of this is going to show you that the golden Earth is the brighter side of the Earth, and there will still be some that stay in the shadow of the Earth. However, we see the golden Earth as brighter. And we see that those of you that are listening to this at this time, will be stepping more fully into it. as you call it on Earth, the ascension frequency, the ascension pathway, thank you. They’re saying that as we step more fully into this frequency of the ascension pathway, and we are more fully on our chosen mission, we are able to connect more deeply, more clearly, with those that are assisting us at this time. In fact, some of you will actually visually see those that are assisting us. I think they’re saying, to say you are not on your own, you were never on your own. And you chose to be here at this time to awaken, to remember, and to assist those on their journey of awakening. And so it is.

Caryl Westmore  40:53

And so much related to your book, and to who you are. And to this podcast interview,

Susan Kennard  41:00

They show it to me as well, I can see it clairvoyantly. So as they were speaking, I could see the golden Earth, which is where we’re really stacked, we’re like teetering on the edge of it. We’re like literally almost in and there will be still the shadow and there will be lots leaving this planet. And that is something that from a human perspective, we don’t want to see, however, that was all part of the plan.

Caryl Westmore  41:24

Thank you. So Susan, just tell us one more time, the name of your book, I will put it in the show notes and the your website. Sure.

Susan Kennard  41:34

So the book is called Awaken the Light Within your Heart. My name is Susan Kennard. and my website is

Caryl Westmore  41:44

Thank you. Thanks for joining me on today’s podcast. Want a free gift to inspire you further on your book writing adventure? My free checklist five book hook tips to kickstart your book writing journey will help you get clarity on the key essentials to make your book a winner. Download it at write the book inside forward slash free gift. The links are in the show notes. Until next time, a big Virtual hug and keep writing