The Inner Path of Writing, Make Love not War to the Writer Within is pitched to creatives, writers, authors, both experienced and beginners who want to clear their inner resistance, keeping them stuck with writer’s block (in its various forms)…

…so that ultimately they can shine their genius and innate brilliance with inner and outer success.

[bctt tweet=”What if I told you there’s a softer—yet equally effective way—to free your Inner Writer from self-sabotage and procrastination that does not involve “diligently fighting creative battles with a tricky foe?” username=”@CarylWestmoreUK”]

That may be what Stephen Pressfield says in The War of Art and Turning Pro.

But I believe the world-class contributors in this book show you a better approach.

Publishers, authors and transformational experts share a treasure trove of wisdom on how to clear your blocks and Resistance so you can shine your brilliance for a successful writing career that you love.

The goal: to stay healthy and productive, enjoying both inner–and outer– success.

How? By addressing your “inner game,” first.

To quote Tim Ferriss, NYT bestselling author and podcaster:

[bctt tweet=”“I would have spared myself a lot of suffering and probably achieved even better results in my life had I put my inner game at the top of the pyramid, not the bottom.” @timferriss” username=”@CarylWestmoreUK”]

Winning the “inner game.”

Like two of his books Tribe of Mentors and Tools of Titans, tomes of crowd-sourced wisdom and advice from the world-class talents he has on his podcast, The Inner Path of Writing is collated from Summit and Podcast interviews I distilled into this book.

The Inner Path of Writing is packed with golden nuggets of wisdom from a wide range of world-class experts in three areas:

  • Part 1 Winning Success Tactics. Writing, Publishing, Marketing
  • Part 2 From Stuck to Stoked. Liberating the Writer Within
  • Part 3 Health Habits and Self-Care. Staying the Course Long-Term

On a personal level, it’s a love song of homage to many of the writers, authors and transformational teachers who have graced my life.

Their Golden Wisdom empowered me to change my life–sometimes slowly, sometimes fast and dramatically. And this influenced my confidence and creativity as a nonfiction self-help author.

The Foreword is by Dr. Joe Vitale aka “Mr Fire” who I have followed for more than 25 years, since his first books on Spiritual Marketing spoke to me. Since then he has written more than 80 books and appeared in the movie The Secret, revealed the story of Ho’oponopono and cleared his inner blocks to writing and producing music albums to uplift and inspire.

Until I read his early book Adventures from Within, (only available in print versions) I had no more than an inkling of how hard his early life had been with a father who by today’s standards was cruel and abusive. So that makes his contribution in my book (he also wrote Chapter 2) regarding overcoming past beliefs and programming and being persistent, so much more vivid.

I packed this book with “golden nuggets” from him – but also an elite array of world renowned contributors:

Bestselling authors like Derek Doepker, Michael La Ronn, Karen Anderson and Ray Brehm share their worthwhile secrets for success as writers and authors.

Scions of the book publishing industry like Marc Allen, Julie Broad and Jenn T.Grace share insights into why every author needs to attend to their inner game when it comes to mindset and persistence for a long-term writing career.

Health and transformational experts like Brandon Bays, Kevin Billett, Dr Laurie Weiss and Philly J. Lay help us understand why writers need to pay close attention to body, mind and soul for a happy and healthy career. Many will find that the chapters on Intermittent Fasting with bestselling authors and podcasters Gin Stephens and Graeme Currie affect their “fast food” eating habits.

We learn from Mark Leslie Lefebvre, co-author with Joanna Penn of The Relaxed Author how to avoid the pitfalls inherent in a writing career

Writer’s Block and Burnout are covered by myself (EFT Tapping to Cure Writer’s Block) and Jason Hamilton (How to Avoid Burnout).

The launch price is 0.99c after which it will revert to it’s normal price of $5,99.

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Brandon Bays, creator of The Journey method and her husband Kevin Billett, featured hugely in my life when they became my clients (I was a journalist turned promoter in South Africa in early 2000). I worked and trained with The Journey all over the world.

Many of the contributors I interviewed for this book, spurred me to heal my own Inner Writer aka my Inner Child. Like many of you, I was stuck in a cocoon or chrysalis of past pain and sabotaging beliefs about my worth, self expression and ability to measure up to many others in the world. Unable to make the breakthrough to fly free.

Instead, thanks to the “golden nuggets” I have spread out before you in this book, you can break free to access the Divine Wisdom, Inspiration and Creativity that is innately yours.

Free to write with flow, genius and success, both inner and outer.

Free as Julia Cameron explains in the Artists Way series of books – to excavate the creative treasure trove within by first opening to the Divine flow /intuitive wisdom from a power greater than ourselves. This is often called the Higher Power in the 12 Steps programs, to which Cameron says she owes her life and creativity (she is a recovered cocaine and alcohol addict).

It’s about protecting and honoring your Inner Artist, aka your magical creative Inner Child.

Because your Inner Writer is a tender, vulnerable youngster–easily wounded by feedback and criticism. A careless critical arrow can wound her heart, says Cameron – and it behoves our Inner Adult to protect and nurture her.

Which is why I say Make Love, not War to the Writer Within.

Pay attention to the teachings in The Inner Path of Writing.

Unlike Steven Pressfield in The War of Art and Turning Pro, I say put down your weapons.

[bctt tweet=”Resistance is not an outer foe waiting to attack your Inner Writer. ” username=”@CarylWestmoreUK”]Resistance is not an outer foe waiting to destroy you.

A gentle, consistently loving approach is all that is needed to nurture the creative seed within.

Ultimately, this will bring more clarity, connection, and joy into our lives as we re-attune to creativity by attuning to ourselves, our world and each other.

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