What is Writers’s Block? The answers come from the bestselling book Bust Writer’s Block Forever, 7 Game-Changing Ways to Kiss Writer’s Block Goodbye and Unleash Creative Inspiration.

The author, Caryl Westmore says:
“Announcing a new series on Writer’s Block on my Write the Book Inside You Podcast. Chapters from the book are read by my state-of-the-art AI digital narrator DOROTHY. She speaks with a flawless English accent, bringing a fresh, captivating voice to the book.”

Dorothy is the audiobook narrator so excerpts from the audiobook are being aired on the podcast. Dorothy reads from different chapters of Bust Writer’s Block Forever, with comments by me Caryl Westmore.

Listen (or watch) as I drip feed the book week by week on both YouTube as a video and places like iTunes and Spotify for audio. It’s something new for my podcast Write the Book Inside You and I’d love to hear your feedback about it.

The podcast is tailored not just for writers, but for anyone hungry for techniques to hurdle over creative obstacles.

Bust Writer's Block Forever book with cartoon lady with a loudspeaker and the words BOOK REVIEW

Bust Writer’s Block Forever

In the previous episode Episode 1, Caryl gave a chapter by chapter review and overview of the book.

Episode 2 now asks the question “What is Writer’s Block?” and reveals the riveting true tale of a writer ensnared by writer’s block for an unimaginable 30 years. Up until the day he died at 87, he never published another word.

In the next episode, Caryl Westmore busts some writer’s block MYTHS while also sharing:

  • Who she is,
  • Why she is ideally qualified on this topic;
  • Why she believes we can “bust writer’s block forever,”

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