Burning My Journals/Diaries explained

Burning my Journals/Diaries was a way to BREAK FREE EMOTIONALLY from the past.

Decluttering my cupboards while finally clearing painful memories, struggle, and despair held in my energy field because those journals held many pages of pain.

Pages and pages in my journals went up in flames. Pages I had crafted concerning my heartache, joy, despair – together with positive encouragement I consciously wrote down daily to give myself ongoing reminders of how I wanted it to be, could imagine vividly and came to believe my life already held the seeds of such empowering and spiritually expansive magic…

All my journals FROM 1991 to 2004 – went up in flames. 

First I went through them to cull precious insights, quotes and memories worth keeping.

But then it was time to let them all go.

Freedom Soared within as the Journals/Diaries Burned

I felt more and more free with every book I tore up and delivered to the fire.

  • Free of the fear that if I destroyed all my thoughts and musings – I would regret it when it came to writing my next book.
  • Free of the fear of finally letting go a period of my life when I was in TOTAL TRANSITION AND TRANSFORMATION.

Why now?

Because I faced my own mortality this week as my husband Nick and I reviewed our “last will and testament” – and stipulated in our wills that we want to be cremated.

I looked at the silver ashes and smoke in the last stages of my burning ritual – and felt peace and acceptance.

Like a gardener in autumn, it felt like it was time to burn the leaves and debris of the past summer.

And so to look forward to planting new seeds in the spring.

The morning of my chosen ritual a beautiful poem came to me…


Somewhere in the world it’s Springtime,

Somewhere in the world it’s Fall

Somewhere it’s time to burn old Memories

Sometimes it’s time to seed some more

Old or new the soul keeps growing

Through sorrow, heartache, pain – or joy,

Change continues till your knowing

That through ongoing flow and ebb

LOVE is all that truly matters

In life’s eternal beauteous web

As I move between autumn in the UK to spring in Cape Town in one swift travel flight each year…autumn and spring dance into a single time frame for me.  So I must consciously go through the ritual of letting go (autumn) and rebirth (spring) in a different way.

Burning my journals/diaries was the way.

Biggest Takeaway from Journal Burning

Our words are powerful.

What we say – and what we write is the seed of manifesting the LIFE YOU LOVE.

I wrote a blog post called Manifesting Goals by Writing them Down in which I underlined the truth of this.

Writing down our dreams, wishes and goals with emotion and intent (or even a playful, anything goes approach) reaps huge results in manifesting them.

Not always in your timing.

When I re-read some of my words in the copious pages of my journals and diaries – I realised that though I was desperate sometimes to change my circumstances immediately…and wrote down my outcome sometimes with a wail, sometimes with a prayer of positive intention, sometimes with a freedom of imagination gone wild.

They manifested in surprising ways – usually many months/years later.

All the time I was closely applying the teaching of Abraham Hicks which I discovered in 1999/2000. And in my early morning ritual quiet time and journaling I applied these in mostly words and sometimes pictures.

I SCRIPTED my true desires and only focused on what Abraham Hicks calls THE CONTRAST for as short a time as possible. Then I would PIVOT from what I DIDN’T want to what I DID want instead.

Honestly, it was a discipline that I had to practice.

Like tending a new garden or building new muscles, I had to show up and apply myself – over and over again.

Repeating the ritual daily and continuously in the pages of those  journals.

Today I am living a life beyond my wildest dreams at that time – but the seeds were all planted in the journals.

My soul needed to grow into owning and becoming the LIFE I LOVE – and so longed-for in my journal pages.

I learned the truth of lessons that I want to share now – repeated by many enlightened beings:

Remember life is all about the journey not the destination.

Happiness and peace comes from being present in the day…one day at a time.

Forgiving and letting go especially of resentments and fears

At the end of our life…All that truly matters is LOVE 

And the key to shifting from low vibration feelings up the scale of happiness and joy is…GRATITUDE.


I learned many other things of importance as I followed my inner prompting to write those journals daily…

Kindness to self and others.



Above all do not cling too tightly to anyone or thing!

When you truly let go – your heart can fly free.

So if you have a reason to declutter – consider a way to use fire to transmute the past and truly BREAK FREE.

And send me a DM on Facebook if you want to share your own experiences on this topic – or need help in letting go and moving on from YOUR PAST.