Energy Medicine with Donna Eden


Today’s video shows the Donna Eden energy routine, “Heaven Rushing in” . Watch as the doyenne of Energy Medicine and an Earth-Angel if ever there was one, reminds us to joyfully and prayerfully play with energy to break-free! And amazing short but powerful ritual to add to your Early Morning Ritual if you do one.  And if you don’t why not?

What is Energy Medicine?

Let Donna Eden, the pioneer of Energy Medicine explain:

“Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down.” Donna Eden

Energy Medicine is a pioneering approach to health and healing that balances your body’s chemistry, regulates your hormones, helps you feel better, and helps you think better.  It replenishes you when you are depleted and boosts you when you want to get things done joyfully and easily.

Donna Eden is a living example of Energy Medicine as she shines out her love and joie de vivre in a way that uplifts you – even on a You Tube video such as this.

As you open your hands to the sky, pray with intention and gratitude, you know you are not alone, that you are inviting Grace to come rushing in and by placing your hands on your heart you anchor the Divine light, love and blessings for yourself.

It should be part of your life for LIVING GRACEFULLY, though it is given as part of an AGING JOYFULLY class.

Are you willing to include Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine routine in your life?  This video reminds me – I WANT SOME OF WHAT SHE’S HAVING !