Do you want to step effortlessly into the “Vortex” of positivity and happiness described so beautifully by Abraham-Hicks in their Law of Attraction teachings?

Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham-Hicks is a highly engaging way of describing what happens when like attracts like – negative or positive – and thoughts become things. 

They use metaphor and light-hearted joyous teaching stories to explain how we attract and manifest our life dreams, goals and intentions. 

You can read more about what Abraham-Hicks means by the Vortex in my blog post here.

Well, aside from buying their CD and book and practicing it daily (my intention exactly)… why not power-boost results even more with EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting?

When we have a “problem” we also have the basis of a “solution”.  But because we tend to keep focusing on the “problem” in order to solve it… we stay stuck.

Abraham puts it this way:

You’ve got to say, “Problem, you are equal to the solution, and when I befriend you the solution can be mine!” You’ve got to make the problem your friend, and in the moment you do, it’s what’s called ‘making peace’, it’s what’s called ‘surrender'”.

As you know I have made it my coaching mission to help people break free and get unstuck! The best way I suggest you shift your mindset to release resistance to a problem and instead allow the perfect solution to appear is as follows:

I suggest you begin with a round of EFT tapping for acceptance and forgiveness. 

Follow this with more tapping on the “problem” and those concerned.

Next apply Matrix Reimprinting to activate a new memory and desired outcome. This will definitely put you back in the Vortex.

What you will find is that the new imprint activates a new resonance or vibration and that means you are tuning into the SOLUTION and the MIRACLE MATRIX where healing and miracles happen.

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