Why isn’t the Law of Attraction working for me?

Could it be these 6 Big Fat Lies or Myths that you mistakenly buy into when it comes to Manifesting your desires with the Law of Attraction?

Is that something you’ve thought or said about manifesting your dreams and goals – seemingly without success?
I learned these through trial and error to turn my life around from “mess to success” – and then uplevel my results to LIVING THE LIFE I LOVE.
Are you mistakenly buying into these 6 Law of Attraction LIES? 

LIE #1 Focus and Affirm with the POWER OF your CONSCIOUS MIND

This is the single biggest blunder I myself made before I was “en-lightened” about how my UNCONSCIOUS mind was running 95% of my life, and what to do about it. I was simply attracting vibrationally from beliefs and patterns going back to my childhood, family of origin and ancestry.

These were keeping me stuck and blocked from success and happiness.

I proved the truth of this in thousands of hours working as an intuitive healer in South Africa – and worldwide thanks to Skype/Zoom – for many years using tools like The Journey and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which I then distilled into the Break-Free Fast Formula™.

LOA Tip #1 Look to your Unconscious rather than CONSCIOUS mind for answers.

When you feel stuck or frustrated in any area of your life look to source and clear negative beliefs originating in the past (parents, teachers, church, society). If you don’t do that first, you risk allowing them to ruin your life NOW and crippling your best efforts to manifest your cherished dreams.

I liken it to your ship of life has gone more and more off course until you are stuck on a sandbank.  The sandbank is the accumulated debris of your life that you need to excavate with the emotional-energy tools I recommend in my books Goal Success EFT Tapping and You Can Break Free Fast EFT Tapping plus other powerful clearing tools I share in my coaching and upcoming Live you Love Podcast.


Believing this myth can trap you in the cage of VICTIM. It can cause despair and despondency, blame and shame. In times past, when I hit a rough patch in my life, I blamed “someone out there” or lashed myself for failing to “get it right.”  

Why? Because what you resist persists.  Better to face it full-on, ask what set it up in your life and then dissolve it with tools like EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting before finally moving on to the Law of Attraction and setting positive intentions.

My heart broke in pieces when I lost my dog in the house fire that caused my life to change dramatically in 1999. My ego took some serious knocks when I had to finally admit to my family a few years later that I was flat broke and in debt. But looking back I can see how those devastating events refined my heart and humbled my personality to clear the way for inner transformation and my ultimate happiness to live the life I love today.


Know when to “Let Go and Let God” and trust the “bigger picture” when it comes to the challenges, pain and negativity in your life. Ditch the victim/blame mentality as fast as you can.  Learn to “love what is” and surrender to a Higher Power or Divine Mind greater than the Little You. Ask: “What’s come up for healing? “ Let it throw light on WHAT YOU DON’T WANT. Then get still and tune in to where the Divine wants to take you which will bring a nudge or idea on WHAT YOU DO WANT. From there your action will be inspired rather than controlling.


“Reach for the big dream – the sky’s the limit” is a Law of Attraction trap that can set you up for a cropper. It’s true that what the mind can conceive you can achieve – but not without some preliminary mental and physical training!

The big myth is that other people are creating luxury cars and millionaire businesses or book deals “overnight.”

Look carefully and you will see they began modestly with baby steps – and that includes people like the Chicken Soup for the Soul authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. I love the story that as they searched for a winning title for the book they had been inspired to co-author, Jack & Mark each agreed to meditate on the subject for one hour a day.

Jack visualized the image of his grandmother’s chicken soup and remembered how she told him it would cure anything. The book would have the same healing powers as that soup, but not for the body—for the soul. Thus, the now-famous title was born.


Hold a vision of your BIG DREAM OR GOAL but chunk it down into manageable smaller goals. Take baby steps or tiny “creative hops” as Julia Cameron puts it. Keep committed each step of the way and gradually you will build momentum to effortlessly take the big leap.

When extreme athletes David Grier and Braam Malherbe of Cape Town were inspired with the idea which became the first Cipla Miles for Smiles Foundation challenge: to run the length of the Great Wall of China in one attempt – a feat that would be a world-first – it took a full year and many setbacks to get the funding plus months of strenuous training to build up their physical and mental endurance.

Even their trainer, a peak performance coach and professor of sports science, told them he doubted they would succeed running what was the equivalent of 4 marathons back to back. But having put in committed months of training, they did indeed achieve their inspired vision while raising R550 000 for 55 kids to have their faces (and smiles) reconstructed.

In terms of the Law of Attraction, they stuck to their inspired vision – all the while persevering with small action goals to train their body, minds and beliefs to win big in the end.


This is a double-edged sword.  If you are too vague about the exact amount and timing of the money or love you want to attract into your life – you may lose motivation and inspiration.  On the other hand – if you set a date six months or one year ahead – and the date comes and goes without your goal being fulfilled, you may be tempted to chuck the whole thing in and say: “I’ll never do it – the LOA doesn’t work after all.”

Instead…here’s how to do it:




Recognise the notion of cycles and Divine Right Timing when you come to apply the Law of Attraction.

Be crystal clear on your intention and outcome – but go easy on judging it as too slow or impossible when dates come and go and still your dream has not manifested.  

Take my dream of meeting and marrying my soul mate and having a made-in-heaven marriage in the second half of my life.  It took seven years (and a seeming futile journey of internet dating) before I suddenly surrendered my Dream (which I had detailed in pages of journaling and affirmations).

One day in utter frustration I said to the Universe: “Okay I give up… I can be happy alone for the rest of my life – I’ll marry the Goddess within!” And that’s when my husband-to-be contacted me in on a travel site. We were married seven months later.  


Sometimes we have easy success with the Law of Attraction in one area of our lives and want to share it with the world – while announcing some other big dream we now feel “qualified” to go after.

Many folks believe if they tell everyone on Facebook and all their friends of their goals and dreams they will be held accountable.

Not true!

LOA Tip No #5 Silence is Golden

Silence is golden when it comes to planting and nurturing your seeds of intention. Even your closest friends and family can send counter-intentions or undermine your resolve by their words, thoughts or envy.

By all means share with a mentor, coach or mastermind group you trust and love. But too much talk can dissipate the energy charge and disconnect you from the Divine.

So guard your precious dreams against sabotage, no matter how subtle, by holding your tongue during the embryo stage of your dream.

LOA LIE #Be Specific as To Where and How Your Wishes will be Granted

I still catch myself making this big blunder. For instance, recently I set the intention for an amount of money I desired to flow into my life and bank account. And I was clear I wanted it to come from my internet marketing efforts with my books.

The exact amount I had asked for DID come into my bank account – but not from my hard-working efforts. I just had to laugh and be grateful. It reminded me of this quote that I heard from Dr Joe Vitale: Money comes to you from the Divine – it passes through your job to you.”  And equally the Divine can orchestrate it to come from any number of sources beyond your wildest imagination.

LOA Tip #6 Hand it over

Hand it over! Soften and let go like a pink balloon carrying your wishes and intention into the Universe.

Imagine you have a special Angel or Divine Manager who takes your requests and graciously allow and expect them to expedite things for you. Sure you need to take inspired action but allow for the unseen and unforeseen to play their part in totally unexpected and undreamed of ways.

Recalibrate your efforts with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks – I describe why their teaching rock in my article entitled: “Two Big Reasons why the Abraham-Hicks Teachings of Law of Attraction rock!

Read more in this article about staying in THE VORTEX OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION 

What about you?  What Law of Attraction myths and lies have sabotaged YOU in the past?


What’s your biggest win with the Law of Attraction? Post below or share with me at


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