Attracting abundance and love into your life consistently can be positively guaranteed with the following 4 tips:

1. Think More Positively

In order to experience more abundance of  joy (and all good things like money, love, success) in your life, you need to think like a happy, inspired person. You can’t hold two conflicting thoughts at the same time!  So practise gently re-directing your thoughts in a positive direction with a flash thought of  gratitude or a smile. Positive people think about the good and developing a self-awareness to discipline their thoughts to switch from negative to positive – try doing it for 21 days and see for yourself. Think of yourself as radiant, vibrant, energetic and in prime health. Think of yourself as a genius and a creative visionary.

2. Give More Positively

Life operates as a flow of giving and receiving. Prove to yourself the Law of Positive Giving and Receiving by your own giving experiment. Give money, give time, give complements, give appreciation, give favors, give gifts, give love, give service, give prayer. Make a commitment to give every day. If you need more inspiration on this see my post Gift Giving

Circulate More Positively

Deepak Chopra once said that what we hoard in life coagulates to block the inflow of good (or words to that effect). Life operates by circulation and when circulation is blocked, stagnation occurs. The Law of Circulation is evident in every part of the visible, physical world. Recognize that this law operates in the invisible world of potential as well. Our thoughts, words and actions are seeds to the Universe which return to us in the way in which we plant them. Send out that which you desire to receive in return.

Receive Graciously

Open the channels by which you will receive abundance and love into your life. See every person you meet as a way for the Universe to bless and prosper you – by giving or receiving. Make every task and project in your day, week, month a receptacle for abundance. Ask Angels, the Universe, Divine Source to connect you with the right channels of abundance and love for your highest good – and that of all concerned.
Finally, make this your Mantra or Affirmation for today: I think more positively. I give more generously. I circulate more freely. I open up to receive graciously. Yes!