Achieve Your Goal Weight by banning Sugar  &  Simple Carbs

Are you desperate to achieve your goal weight and get off the dieting merry-go-round? Here is an answer which may shock you.

Ban sugar – and simple carbs like flour products –  from your life. This will boost your energy and health  while the weight drops off. Make sure you are eating plenty of healthy “low carb” vegetables and protein and you will never feel hungry again.

Why is sugar so harmful and fattening? Because firstly, as Connie Bennett says in her best-selling book “Sugar Shock”  sugar is as addictive as drugs like heroin or cocaine.  And we all know how any addiction can sabotage your life and your goals – including your determination to achieve your goal weight.

Connie Bennett writes:

Can you get addicted to sugar?

“Yes. A growing body of evidence suggests that sugar can ‘hijack’ the brain or activate it like drugs. One researcher in France found that the taste of sweetness is more rewarding than intravenous cocaine or heroin–even in animals already on drugs! In another study, published in Archives of General Psychiatry, researchers at Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity showed that in response to a chocolate milkshake, compulsive eaters exhibited similar activity in certain brain regions as people addicted to alcohol or drugs.”

Her findings are based on her own nightmare health problems experienced before she ditched sugar and researched its ruthless, addictive and poisonous effects on our bodies. As sugar is often added to most so called “low fat” diet foods, is it any wonder that the food industry is partly responsible for your failure to achieve your goal weight?

Sugar plays havoc with your metabolism

Secondly, refined sugar can mess up your metabolism. Especially for people who have inherited a carb-resistant body type, sugar and refined carbs will keep you from losing fat and prevent your efforts to achieve your goal weight no matter how much you exercise or cut back on calories.

In Sugar Shock, Bennett, along with medical consulting from cardiologist and nutritionist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, shares her harrowing experiences with sugar, including wild mood swings, unstable blood sugar, depression, headaches, and much worse.

With all the honesty of a woman who admits her own once addictive love affair with sugar, Bennett applies her journalist talent for investigating the truth behind sugar’s damaging effects on our health. Her conclusions indicate that sugar may well be the culprit  behind so many of the health crises that plague our healthcare system today.

For myself, having watched my own weight plummet by 57 lbs in nine months and my high blood pressure improve dramatically thanks to ditching sugar and refined carbs,  I highly recommend you consider the damage sugar is doing to you – and you family.

Don’t be suprised if like me you  also experience the sheer thrill of looking and feeling terrific as you finally achieve your goal weight and say good bye to addictive eating and yo yo dieting.