Allergies are complex and usually stem from both physical and emotional causes. Like phobias, allergies are the result of the body reacting to something that it misperceives as dangerous.

Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby, co-authors of Matrix Reimprinting – Rewrite your past – Transform your future, show in many remarkable case studies– including their own dramatic recovery from numerous allergies – how it works.

Sasha had over 20 allergies when she first went to train with Karl in the energy tapping tool Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and its advance application: Matrix Reimprinting. Today she is allergy free thanks to committed work on herself – both physically and emotionally.

Says Karl: “Physically, allergies can stem from an overly acidic body condition, and also a reduction in the flora of the gut, often compromised by a poor diet and antibiotics. However allergies can also be emotional in nature”.

“What tends to happen,” says Karl “is that if a person is eating a food at the same time that something stressful happens, the body associates the food with danger or stress, and starts rejecting it as dangerous. A couple of examples: a lady was eating oranges when she heard telephonically that her father had died, only to later develop an intense allergy to oranges, and another lady who had an allergy to cheese, which related back to when she was really unhappy at university and used to eat cheese all the time. Issues such as these are easily resolved with Matrix Reimprinting and the allergies disappear”.

A dramatic case concerned a rare but life threatening coffee allergy which Karl writes about in his book.
“Even the slight smell of coffee would send Jenny into extreme paralysis becoming speechless, unable to move any part of her body and liable to lose control of her bowels and bladder”.

“At work – or simply walking down the street – the smell of coffee could affect her in this way and she carried an antidote with her everywhere she went in fear of a reaction”.

During her EFT-Matrix Reimprinting session Jenny was asked when the allergy had started and what was happening around that time. The immediate memory that surfaced was several years previously when she was in an abusive relationship with a man who one night beat her up brutally while verbally abusing her.

EFT tapping dramatically reduced the intensity of the anger and rage Jenny was carrying about the incident.
But this was not the root cause of the coffee allergy. As the session progressed with Matrix Reimprinting Jenny realised that the coffee allergy stemmed from her being sent to a safe house to protect her from the continuing violence of her partner. In the safe house lots of people continuously drank coffee. The smell of coffee was subconsciously taking her back to the fear and trauma of that time period.

Matrix Reimprinting enabled Jenny to apply EFT tapping to her Younger Self – a part of her frozen in time which Karl calls the ECHO or Energy Consciousness Hologram.

“This ECHO seems to be stored in the energy field or matrix and accessed by memory,” says Karl. “We now know from latest research on the “fight, flight or freeze” response by experts like Dr Robert Scaer how trauma can be frozen in our bodies causing long term damage to our health and well being. Allergies are just one example of this”.

Years of suffering ended for Jenny in one 30 minute session with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting.

She says: “The healing in that session was so profound that I went from being paralysed many times and hospitalised twice from the smell of coffee – to being able to hold a jar of coffee with the lid off under my nose with no physical or emotional effects. This condition was life-threatening and now I feel totally at peace”.

As with allergies, there is often an emotionally intense or traumatic memory at the root of most chronic issues including depression, negative beliefs, addictions, phobias, anger, stress and pain. EFT-Matrix Reimprinting sources and releases these – going back as far as the womb and even into Past Lives…and then reimprints empowering messages and memories in the brain, heart and cellular level. The result: deep and lasting healing and transformation.

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