Angel Affirmations for True Love

Angel Affirmations to Attract True Love

If you believe in Angels – why not use Angel Affirmations to help you manifest your true love?

Remember how important it is to start with SELF LOVE – let your Angels embrace you with their love and feel you are worthy of Divine love and Angel support.


When you have an intention and speak it out loud as an affirmation, its power magnifies out into the universe and amplifies the thought and intention behind it. Especially if you say it many times in the day and over the weeks and months to come.

The result? It blesses the conditions in your life and your experiences with synchronicity and unexpected magical surprises. Just as negative words and phrases take you to place where you create NOT-WANTED results…so positive words and phrases carry a higher vibration. Discipline yourself to be positive and affirming whenever you can and this is where Angel power comes in.


Ask your Angel of Love to help you imagine vividly your soul mate relationship – using all your senses to see, feel, touch and experience the joy and utter romanticism of being with him.

Try these Angel Affirmations as spoken here by Doreen Virtue and let yourself become the magnet for the true soul mate love you desire.

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