EFT Tapping for $10 000Can EFT Tapping manifest an”extra” $10 000 or more in your life?

Right now? This month? This year?

I invite you to join in this EFT Tapping game to see if a group of us can together manifest $10 000 joyously and easily.

Remember in The Secret movie how John Assaraf whited out a negative bank balance and replaced with a sum he chose?

Well here’s my true story – a secret I never shared before.

I copy catted his idea to white out my overdraft of ZAR70 000 (about $6000) 15 years ago.

I had no idea where the money would come from but I did lots of EFT Tapping (I was already an EFT Practitioner at the time) and visualized and “nevillized” the end result and how I would feel.

And within a year I woke up one day to realize that a positive amount of ZAR70 000 was indeed sitting pretty in my bank account…waiting to be transferred to a higher interest bearing saving account.

Yes the exact same bank account I still have today.

And I swear on my life it’s forever in a positive abundant cash flow – as I dreamed it would be.

Join me to discover if EFT Tapping can Manifest $10 000 for YOU

By clearing the energy belief blocks and tapping in a powerful message to your subconscious that $10 000 is on its way…you too can expect and attract seemingly magical manifestation of money in your life – and make it more fun to tell the Universe you’d like at least half of it to come from unexpected sources.
Can you be open to be surprised and delighted by the influx of money – manifesting in your life right now?
Starting with a specific amount like $10 000 – or more?

I’m so game to try it the lazy woman’s way – to manifest a tidy sum of $10 000 (and you can too) 

Care to join me?

Let’s prove EFT Tapping can manifest $10 000 in our lives!