"Caryl Westmore Christmas UK"

Happy Christmas from Caryl in Norfolk

What is the true meaning of Christmas and how shall I celebrate the holidays mindfully?  This is a question I put to myself in the rush of bright Christmas lights, consumer spending and preparations for the holiday weekend.

This message – written in 1935 by the Indian saint and mystic Paramahansa Yogananda – speaks to my heart and is my message with love to all who have touched my life as clients, friends, acquaintances in the past years. Among the things he wrote so poetically:

Earth-bound possessions and glory all fade away, but God-bound possessions hold through eternity, serving with supreme usefulness. Why worship material comfort on the altar of change? Learn to adore spiritual comfort in the temple of indestructibility. The best way to convert earthly accumulations into imperishable heavenly treasure is to use them for spiritual service. Christ must be lived to be known. In all good actions, in every material and spiritual service, and in the manger of meditation, the immortal Cosmic Christ is born anew.

None can know about that Christ by reading books on theology; one must feel his presence in the bower of deep meditation. In the cradle of meditation-tuned thoughts, woven with tender twigs of devotion, behold the newborn Christ, lulled by the cooing dove of inner peace.

Build your inner Christmas tree through meditation, love and inner contemplation, says Yogananda. And then...

At the foot of this inner Christmas tree lay all your material desires, to be presented once and forever to the Christ Joy within you.

You can read Yogananda’s entire beautiful Christmas message here: http://www.yogananda-srf.org/Self-Realization-Magazine/A_Christmas_Message.aspx

Great blessings, light and love to you all.  Caryl