Love picture

Love pictures

Women: how to let men know you’re available:

Leave the Baggage Behind. If you are still pining  for your ex, have a conversation with the part of you that still feels the strong attachment. Focus on the negatives why you are no longer together. Better yet, take a piece of paper and write down some of the negative traits to remind you it’s time to move on. Was he controlling? Did he have a roving eye? A bit too jealous? You need to pull him off the pedestal he was on or the energy chords will keep you tied to him, despite what you think rationally.

Clear the path to love.

Bring the past to balance by acknowledging what you learned from the relationship – but stating firmly WHY IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON. EFT-tapping with Matrix Reimprinting is almost guaranteed to bring down your rate of emotional intensity about this – and other past relationships. Why? Our primitive brains are primed to stay connected to our past fear and pain.  This can go back to early childhood.

Trauma experts like Karl Dawson, Dr Robert Scaer and Dr Peter Levine will all enlighten you how humans have been culturally programmed to freeze trauma instead of discharging it like animals in the wild.  And this causes physical – and emotional – problems.


No guy is going to want to hear about the one who broke your heart.  Stand in front of the mirror and repeat this while you look into your own eyes: “I am committed to breaking free – free to love someone new!” Then convey this vibration to your dates.  It truly works. People often perceive anyone in midlife as being married. And sometimes finding yourself divorced, widowed or separated after a long relationship, you don’t realize you are still sending out NOT AVAILABLE/HANDS-OFF signals as if you were still committed.

Cutting the cords that bind is an esoteric method of severing these emotional bonds to your ex – and I use it in my Break-Free Fast sessions with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting. You will be guaranteed to find it easy to let go and forgive after a consultation.

Then, having cleared the path to love emotionally and energetically, your next task is to revamp your mating signals and get active in the dating scene! Act as if you have the inbuilt energy of youngsters engaging in age-old courtship rituals. In other words fake it until you can make it.

Try this 2-step exercise which helps mimic a pheromone aura.

  • Step 1 – Tune into a recognize your midlife aura: relax, pay attention to how all of your body feels.
  • Step 2 – Create a pheromone aura: Imagine that you have gone back in time, and are in your early twenties. Visualize that you are with someone who you really care for. You are having a wonderful time. Pay attention to how all of your body feels. Notice your increased energy and sexual feelings. Your posture becomes more erect, your complexion glows and you smile easily. You move more sensuously. It’s a fabulous way to signal availability.

The best way to appear single is to consciously create a pheromone aura, dress with flair, and always wear makeup when you leave the house. Say hello, make eye contact and smile at everyone who crosses your path. Enjoy attracting men. If someone compliments you, smile and thank them. After all, you’re attractive and over 50!

Be interested:

Many women fear showing men any kind of interest because they’re afraid of looking desperate.

The opposite is true – men love women who are interested in them.

When you are signaling interest, you are friendly, smiling, and relaxed. You’re having fun, and you are not emotionally invested in the results of your conversation. Your body language is open. You have a brief interaction, but leave him wanting more. You linger at a distance, showing interest in something else, but available if he reconnects. He’ll be flattered, perhaps intrigued enough to want to get to know you better.


Pat yourself on the back for wanting to be in a relationship. It’s healthy and acceptable. Being able to openly look for love at midlife is a choice that many of our mothers never imagined.

How lucky we are to date at 50+ knowing how to CLEAR THE PATH TO LOVE, read the signals, do the inner Law of Attraction work, and then enjoy the journey to love!