Who doesn’t need help with PROCRASTINATION?

Procrastination in achieving goals is like an internal tug-of-warProcrastinating with your goals?

Ever feel like you are in a tug-of-war inside, pulled in two directions at the same time?  To stop procrastination sabotaging your goal success  you need to overcome that resistance to getting on with an important project or goal – and EFT Tapping with Matrix Reimprinting can help you!

Blame it on procrastination!

Procrastination is one of the 10 goal stoppers that can sabotage your goal success – along with nine other blockers which you can read about in my ebook 10 Goals Stoppers and how to Break Free (available  to download here on my site – absolutely free!)

When my clients get frustrated and say they are procrastinating, I usually stop them in their tracks and help them to reframe their frustration like this:

“How about recognizing that there is a part of you that absolutely wants to do it and a part of you that for some reason feels ambivalent, scared or resistant?”

“Let’s find and release the part of you that’s resistant.”

This is not difficult to do with an energy tool like EFT tapping and its advanced application EFT-Matrix Reimprinting.

And it brings immediate relief because they no longer see themselves as crazy or lazy. Instead they have my support in addressing the issue at source and setting themselves free to become “producers and not procrastinators” to use the words of my colleague, Matrix Reimprinting trainer Ted Wilmot.

How to do it with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting

If you are new to EFT tapping – you can get more information and a how-to-tap video about the meridian tapping points at my therapy site: www.breakfreefast.com/tapping

Begin by tuning into your issue.  Give it a title or name. On a scale of one to 1o – how upsetting is it?  Write that down.

Next, tapping on the side of the hand or karate point say three times:

  • “Even though I am procrastinating about________________, I  love and accept  myself anyway.
  • “Even though I can’t seem to get going on this…I’m okay anyway”
  • “Even though I feel stuck in this jam, I can choose a new way. I’m okay!”

Next tune into where you are holding the feeling in your body as you continue  tapping on the head, body and hands,repeating phrases that capture the negative sentiments you have about this procrastination.

Say words as you tap like: “this stuckness, feeling angry, feeling frustrated, why can’t I get going?” and so on.

Again tuning into where in your body you feel all those feelings about  “procrastination” ask yourself, “When have I felt like that before?

Continue to tap as a memory is likely to surface.

It may be recent or from any time in your life going back to childhood.

In Matrix Reimprinting we now step into the memory and create rapport with the younger self who we also refer to as the ECHO (Energy Consciousness Hologram) who is pulling back or fearful. We ask what’s happening. We explain about EFT tapping – we ask permission to tap on him or her.

Your job, with the help of a practitioner if needed, is to help the ECHO move through the fears expressed and receive love, support and new inner resources which might be helpful to get through the situation they are experiencing.

Here is an example:

Procrastination about writing

An example was my client who couldn’t get on with her writing – blogs, books, articles. She also dreamed of holding a photography exhibition as photography was her passion.

She called her failure to get ahead with these projects ” procrastination.”

Going back in time in her session with me she remembered an incident at school when her English teacher humiliated her in front of the class about a creative writing assignment which she had enjoyed writing. She had made a decision in that moment of intense shock and trauma of being belittled about her writing – to play it safe in future.

And that was exactly she was doing by procrastinating!

We used Matrix Reimprinting to imprint a new empowering memory as she would have liked it to be.  She was inspired to bring in new supportive mentors and an angel which her younger self wanted… to praise and encourage her. We could re-instill a new belief in her creativity and ability to write well.

Changing this (and several other related scenes and pictures, one of which took her back into a past life) changed her perception of herself as a writer and her fear about showing her work to others. She reported back later that her  confidence and self-image had indeed changed to producer not procrastinator- and she now had the results to prove it!

When she no longer had this younger self pulling back from writing (for fear of public criticism), she eliminated the internal tug-of-war she had labelled procrastination. She removed the blocker to getting things done and could then produce excellent results for goal success in her writing and photography projects.

Want more help in breaking free from your procrastination and other goal-stoppers?  Download my free report at the top of the page NOW!  You will discover not only how to stop procrastination sabotaging your goal success plus nine other goal blockers from which you can break free!

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