EFT Hangout with Tanya de VilliersHow can EFT tapping and Matrix Reimprinting help a child who has cerebral palsy? This is a vegetative state where the brain is not functioning normally.

Here I interview Tanya de Villiers from South Africa who has documented the almost miraculous changes using EFT Tapping that happened with Jamie(5) who suffered severe brain damage following seizures when he was 18 months old. He was in a pretty “hopeless” situation – until Tanya, a Kinderkineticst was led to work with him for 30 days using her gentle skills with EFT tapping and its advanced protocol Matrix Reimprinting and record her journey.

Exciting to hear the warm response to this EFT Tapping work
* For Jamie who now has constant attention and support he never had before
* For Tanya who is continuing to work with Gary Craig doing surrogate work for Jamie
* For Tanya who is finding her voice to tell the story of her work with Jamie and EFT in a book she is writing. Publication is due in October 2013. The title of her book:  30 days with a trapped Angel

Gary Craig  featured Tanya De Villiers in the August 2013 Emo Free newsletter which is devoted to news worldwide on EFT. He highlighted her work with Jamie.

See more at Tanya’s blog: tanyaontapping.blogspot.com/
Link to Tanya’s video of Jamie opening his EYES: http://youtu.be/Gm_JlCucy3E
Link to Tanya’s video of clearing Jamie’s WHEEZING with EFT: target=”_blank”>http://youtu.be/nIZAlB0beZc