Did you enjoy the Tapping Summit 2013 which ran during February?

Tapping World Summit 2013 Registration

Though the Summit for 2013 is long over you can still find a treasure trove of healing products and information like Jessica Ortner’s EFT weight loss and free stress relief CDs.

Register here.

Tapping World Summit: Money

Money features on the EFT Tapping Summit

EFT Tapping for Money

The EFT Tapping World Summit began with a topic sweeping the world by storm – M O N E Y!!
Do you feel you have enough/earn enough/deserve enough/will ever have enough…MONEY?

Discover how to Create an Abundant and Fulfilling Financial Future Through Tapping
You’ll soon be swimming in moola I hope after listening in on Day 1. I’ll be posting my reviews here on my blog. Have you registered yet? Go now… do it…here. 

You’ll be glad you did!

Here is a link to the Day 1 Reviews I wrote on Nick Ortner’s presentation on Money and Carol Look’s tapping talk on Ending Self Sabotaging behaviors that Block Success.