Goal Getting

Golden Goal Getting

What stops you getting started with your goal getting?

And how can you break free to make that steady focused progress that ends in success with what I call your “golden goal” – the goal you have chosen to focus all your efforts into achieving  this year?

Having lofty inspirational dreams is only the seed for successful goal setting and getting. It’s action fired by passion for your chosen goal is what grows your dream into an oak tree of fulfillment. As Mark Twain said: “the secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

In my own coaching program: 5 Steps to Goal Success using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Goals Reimprinting , a key step is to GET GOING.

What makes people DOERS?  Here are 11 great way to be a Doer according to Roshawn Watson who says:

If you are tired of inactivity robbing you of your potential, then here are ways to be a doer.

Dreams and Mental Preparedness

  1. Cultivate Your Dream

What would you attempt to do if you knew that you could not fail? In so many cases, your answer will account for a mere fraction of your potential. This is important because in order for one to unlock such potential, often they must move past mental barriers. Accordingly, meditate on what winning will feel like for the next 30 days. Saturate your mind with the next level, but don’t stop there. Write the vision. Make it plain. Unlock your dormant dreamer and doer!

2. Relinquish Regret

Languishing in regret and despair over past mistakes is counterproductive and will rob you of your joy.

Like regret, forgiveness of self and others is a key to unblocking stuck energy for moving ahead in life and goals.  As we know with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting – traumas going back to childhood are laden with self-sabotaging beliefs and can sabotage our efforts in the NOW. Which is why, as Watson says you have to…

3.Forgive yourself today

Let Go of the Stigma of Failure
Similarly, you should not let the fear of failure stop you from attempting your goals. John F. Kennedy said those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly. Dave Ramsey, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, and many others have tasted what many would characterize as failure, only to later achieve extraordinary success. The key lesson is that there is another act to your life’s play.

4. Know Yourself

Sometimes, we begrudge our differences from others rather than embracing them.

My work and personal story proves that often in our so-called shadow self lie the very strengths that we need to make us unique and impactful in the world. By doing the inner work that helps us come to peace with all our diverse parts – so called bad – and good, we become strong and achieve our goals.

Goals and Planning

5. Plan to Win
To Type-A personalities, it may seem intuitive that making a plan dramatically increases the odds of achieving. However, so many of us fail to systematically plan our finances, careers, health, and our relationships. Failure to plan is planning to fail. What’s your success plan?  A goal without a plan of implementation is a pipe dream. Decide on a course of action today.

6. Prioritize
By focusing on your priorities, you can block out distractions. Sometimes that means putting down something that is important for a passion that must happen.

Thomas Edison said that he has more respect for the guy with a single idea who develops it than the person with 1,000 ideas but does nothing. We shouldn’t unnecessarily dichotomize everything into “good” or “bad” when it comes to goals. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of “now” versus “later.”

7. Start Small
Don’t despise small beginnings. How do you eat an elephant? The answer is one bite at a time. Just because your goal is to lose 40 pounds this year doesn’t mean you are a failure for losing 10 pounds in the first three months. In fact, even if you only loss five pounds but have improved your cardiovascular conditioning, diet, and muscularity while decreasing your percent body fat, you have made significant progress.

8. Set a Time Limit on Preparation

I love preparation as much as anyone, but doers often set a limit on preparation time. The downside with spending too much time preparing is that you may never get started. In Poke the Box, Seth Godin argues that it is easy to fall so in love with starting that we never start. If you truly are progressively moving towards your goals via preparation, go for it.

9. Banish Eeyore

Dream-killers, aka “Eeyores,” are some of the most dangerous people that you know. They function as saboteurs to productivity. Regardless of whether they act with the intent of maliciousness, banish (or limit) such disastrous relationships if you plan to be a significant doer.

I always advise my clients to have a group of real – and imagined – champions who give them encouragement and believe in them.  A mastermind in real time – but also in your meditations – can boost your efforts for goals success in inspiring ways.

10. Network With Achievers
If you want to move beyond your comfort zone, one of the fastest ways is to network with achievers. In fact, while I’m writing this, I have just returned from spending a week with people in my industry who are rock stars. Being immersed in that environment compelled me to take my game to the next level faster and grander than I had initially planned. When you network and become accustomed to interacting with the next level, this serves to make you uncomfortable with where you are currently at. Strategically, place yourself in situations that stretch you.

Get an Accountability Partner
While “head knowledge” is good, part of the secret to successful transformations, such as those seen by popular diet programs, is accountability. Your relationship with partners is powerful in achieving your goals because good partners have already gone through the same journey, can see through the lame excuses, and will encourage you during the down times. Everyone is not suitable to be your accountability partner, which is fine. Find the person who will empower you to push past the common to achieve the impossible.

Not everything requires your core competencies, so it is not always advantageous to do everything yourself. The ubiquity of businesses such as Elance, Angie’s List, and Fiverr makes finding reasonably-priced freelancers and contractors to delegate to much easier.

Nothing brings this home more forcefully for me than Tim Ferris’ bestseller: “The Four Hour Workweek”.  Outsourcing is key to living the life you love.  I have learned to get three quotes for buying important items or services – but with outsourcing to freelancers on the above sites it is more about finding the right person than taking a bid purely on price as most are competitive anyway. This is something I have given a high priority for my goals this year.

Deal With Barriers to Motivation

10. Create an Action Environment
Your environment matters to your productivity, often more than you realize. It’s important that when you sit down to work that you are not bombarded with distractions. It is sometimes difficult to get motivated to do anything productive in the first place. Thus, the last thing one needs is to get started only to have
his or her time wasted on something that’s unimportant.

Creating an action environment may mean shutting off the automatic email notification feature (on your phone or Outlook account) or turning off your phone’s ringer at certain times during the day. It could mean removing the candy jar from your desk or logging off of Facebook, GASP!

11.Record and Celebrate Your Progress

Acknowledging and celebrating your triumphs can serve as tremendous motivation to continue in your endeavors. Achievers don’t just work hard; achievers play hard too. When I became debt free, I threw a huge party, just as I would have celebrated a milestone birthday or a graduation. Big hairy audacious goals require time, so when you are victorious, why not celebrate your successes?

In NLP we call this a STOP AT THE TOP MOMENT – you’ve reached the top of your personal goal mountain – or at least one level that deserves acknowledgement.  By making a big deal of it – you remind yourself that goal setting and getting is as much about the journey as about the end result and you want the positive journey to continue. Value yourself and your successes and show it! If you value your successes, celebrate them!

Develop the DOING muscles you need by taking action towards your goal and planning how to do this every day. Say to yourself I am a genius – and a doer – and I keep going till I get my goal.