Goal Setting for success with Born to Win book

Born to Win

Goal setting for success begins with knowing your WHY or PURPOSE.  Not only for the specific goal you choose – but also in terms of your bigger Life Purpose. I love this book by Zig Ziglar (who sadly passed away November 28,2012):  Born to Win – Find Your Success Code.

He explains how everybody is “born to win” and one of the key factors that fuels this winning factor is aligning with a higher purpose.  In my work I find that when people are “off track” with their Life Purpose their lives run off course like a ship with a faulty compass. Once on track they become inbued with Passion, Power, Peace and Purpose.

In this book review by Jennifer Chang at Success Magazine, she refers to a story in the book which illustrates the power of having reason or WHY for setting your goal/s.

In his new book Born to Win, acclaimed motivational legend  Zig Ziglar says everybody is capable of achieving success. Everybody. The weird cousin you avoid at family reunions? She’s designed for accomplishment. Your neighbor who is—simply put—a jerk? He’s engineered for success. Anyone can be great. The difference, Ziglar says, “Many people who want to be great aren’t willing to do the work to make it possible!”

 Zig Ziglar – who has teamed with his son Tom Ziglar  gives a compelling illustration of the power of understanding one’s purpose:

“Three men were busy at the same task, and a passerby stopped and asked each of the men what they were doing. The first man said, “I am cutting stone.” The second man said, “I am earning my living.” The third man said, “I am building a cathedral.” All three of the men were involved in cutting stone. The first man saw no purpose or value in what he was doing, and my guess is that his days were long and tedious. He probably went home tired and exhausted every night and dreaded going to work each day.

The second man had a different perspective. He saw cutting the stones as a means to earn a living and probably had a better attitude than the first man. However, the value and purpose he saw in his effort was merely about getting his paycheck. I imagine this man spent a lot of time thinking about other jobs he might be able to get and probably found his work boring and repetitive.

The third man knew he was cutting stone, and he knew he was earning a paycheck, but he also saw value and purpose in his work that transcended those basic realities. The third man was building a cathedral that would be used by people. The cathedral would be a spiritual and social center where men and women could come to worship and fellowship together. That church, when completed, would give people hope and help them live better lives. What do you think the third man’s attitude was about his work? My guess is that he couldn’t wait to get to work every day. I imagine he arrived early and stayed late. He probably talked about his work all the time and was grateful to be doing something that was so much fun! I’m sure he could visualize that finished church in his mind and couldn’t wait to go there.”

Here’s a recent example from my own life:

When I set out to “lose weight” as my single “Golden Goal” last year (I did not do it for simply for vanity). My motivator or WHY was to save my life – extend the quality of my years by normalizing my high blood pressure and averting future obesity related diseases like diabetes and strokes.

I also wanted to stay on track with my LIFE PURPOSE – helping and inspiring others to live the life they love by applying my skills in energy healing and transformation.

So far I have shed 50 lbs (22,4kg) and feel better in mind, body and spirit.

And the most striking result is that I am more effective in my LIFE PURPOSE as a healing expert inspiring others on their transformation journey using my training in EFT tapping and Matrix Reimprinting.

Which of those three men in the above story do you relate to? If you identified yourself as the first or second man, then see how Zig Ziglar can help you achieve the understanding, power and motivation of the third man in Born to Win: Find Your Success Code by Zig Ziglar and Tom Ziglar.

See Zig Ziglar in action in this video describing his goal setting formula with clarity and style.