Learn a Weight Loss Power Word

Want to learn a  “weight loss power word” to magically help the pounds melt off as you stop overeating and lose interest in fattening foods?

Then sign up for a free webinar HERE with London weight loss expert, Sally Baker, who has helped hundreds of clients to shed weight using her combined skills with EFT, PSTEC and hypnosis. The webinar is Thursday April 26 at 5pm US Eastern Time/ 10pm UK / and will also be available for replay if you miss it.

Here’s what one happy thinner client said about working with Sally who uses life changing finger tapping tools like PSTEC and EFT along with hypnosis to assist clients achieve their natural weight.

‘Working with PSTEC and EFT has changed my life! I’ve lost 7 kilos in 8 weeks, am happier than I have been in a long time and I am taking control of my life at last. I would recommend working this way without hesitation – it has worked for me on so many levels!’
Rhona U.
Starting weight 15st 9lb/219lbs/99kg

Introducing Sally Baker and PSTEC

In this FREE webinar Sally will show you how to take a power word and combine it with PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique), an easy finger tapping energy protocol developed by Tim Phizackerley which is similar – but not the same – as EFT) and use it to switch the patterns in the brain from fearful, fat and hopeless to…empowered, peaceful, controlled about eating healthy.

An overwhelming majority of those struggling with weight issues find that emotional eating, comfort eating, over eating, not exercising and poor self care sabotage their best efforts to get slim, says Sally.

“It’s like there is a switch turned off and they can’t seem to do what they need to do to lose weight… or can’t stop doing the things that keep piling on the weight.

Sally who is in great demand for her specialty of  hypno-gastric band sessions, has a wholistic approach to weight issues as described in her new book Achieve Your Natural Weight, co-written with Liz Hogon.

What’s more, I credit Sally with kick-starting my own amazing weight loss journey a year ago – so far I have shed more than 50 lbs/22.5kg and feel my healthiest – thanks to a low-carb way of eating that bans flour and sugar products and consists of  tons of  fresh vegetables-plus-a-protein meals.

But it all began with self-work using EFT-Matrix Reimprinting PLUS some PSTEC which I discovered was a new finger-tapping protocol to heal trauma and anxiety and help with bulimia and weight loss (among many other appplications).

Working with Sally I discovered and cleared a VOW I had made as a child to use food for comfort and  to pacify my anger at my father in case I hurt him or others.

Once I had this “break-free-aha” with Sally’s help I was able to find and stick to an eating program that was pe

You won’t want to miss out on learning how effective PSTEC is when used for weight loss success – and Sally Baker is happy to explain it all as she shares how you can learn a weight loss power word that has helped Sally’s clients lose weight, reverse diabetes and get slimmer and healthier.