Healing heartbreak

Healing heartbreak

Love heartbreak can be as powerful as addiction withdrawal from drugs like heroin and cocaine…

And equally difficult to break free from withdrawal.

New research into what happens in the brain when you are rejected  or break up after an intense relationship proves that you suffer withdrawal symptoms just like a drug addict – and it all happens in the “primitive brain”.

This explains why “breaking up is hard to do”.

Helen E. Fisher, PhD, of Rutgers University looked at MRI images from the brains of men and women who had recently broken up with a long-term partner. The images showed that the same areas of the brain were affected as those associated with addiction, reward, craving, and depression. According to Fisher, a neural pathway associated with physical pain and decision making is activated when someone is rejected, which is similar to nicotine or alcohol cravings.

The good news is that the love craving will heal with time. It helps to be proactive says Fisher. Don’t sit around moping – do something like chuck out all reminders of him and also reflect on lessons learned.

In my own experience as an energy healer I know that I can help love-addiction with Matrix Reimprinting with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). How? By going to the root cause in the part of the brain that stores early childhood programming about love and relationships.


I know that inevitably present-time heartache is linked to past experiences going back to early childhood. How we experienced love – or lack of it – in relationship with our parents and caregivers will replay in some way in our adult love life.

Take heart all you who feel stricken by heart-break.  There is a proven way to heal.  In my next post: Heartache Be Gone! I will share another excellent tool that can help.

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