Day 11 – Forgiveness

Welcome to Day 11!

Non-Forgiveness is a goal-stopper that few people connect with their lack of success in life and love. But trust me – FORGIVENESS is a valuable process in the GET CLEAR stage of the goal setting process. In 14+ years of break free healing work, Forgiveness of self and others – sometimes even of God – has resulted in huge breakthroughs for clients – better health, relationships, well being – and creativity as writers and artists.

An example is someone I worked with more than seven years ago. At the time she was very depressed, addicted to alcohol and unable to work, though a very talented artist. Recently she contacted me to say forgiving the person she most resented, “even just a small percentage at the time,” was hugely beneficial in lifting her depression and giving her back her life. She is now an acclaimed and respected artist.

Now is the time to list at least one person or event (more if they come up) that you still hold a grudge or feel resentment towards. See if like best selling author of the book Forgiveness, Iyalna Vanzant, you can from today: “forgive everyone for anything” in the service of your creativity and goal success.


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Day 11 – Forgiveness