Lacking money? Then check for lack of people prosperity! I was reminded of the link between how we attract and handle – or mishandle money -and our thoughts, beliefs and feelings connected with people in our life, past and present from  Joan Sotkin recently. Her ideas at Prosperity Place expanded my thinking.

While I get MIRACULOUS results with my 3-step You Can Break-Free Fast process containing the tool of EFT Tapping to source and release “what set this up”  as a block in the present – inevitably it’s the metaphors and memories from the past that hold the secret to help you get clear and break free.

So it struck a chord to read Joan’s insights as to how banks can be parent substitutes and work and business situations carbon copies of our family of origin.

She says:

“If you’re having a problem with someone at work, examine how the problem relates to conflicts you had with family members.If you have your own business, then your relationships with your customers will be a reflection of your relationships with your family of origin or other close relationships.

You’re asking them to acknowledge and support you. If your customers like what you have to offer, they’ll express their pleasure by exchanging money for your goods or services. If you had a balanced love relationship with your family, that will be reflected in a healthy business. If, on the other hand, your parents died or divorced when you were young, or if you were abused or in any way abandoned, you may have more trouble establishing a comfortable and consistent money flow in your business”.

Of course tied in with fear of rejection from others is the core issue of loving and accepting YOU. FORGIVENESS, SELF ACCEPTANCE AND LOVE OF SELF comes top of the list as you do EFT Tapping. You say it till you mean it right in the set up phrase and believe me this sets you up for success.

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