EFT heals pain: Nick Ortner

Nick Ortner EFT for PainShocking Facts about Pain

Interviewer Jessica Ortner began the session on Day 2’s World Tapping Summit 2012:Pain Relief with EFT with some shocking facts: More Americans suffer from pain than diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined – an estimated 76 million Americans annually report pain of more than 24 hours duration.

Nick tells of three people who appeared in the movie The Tapping Solution, all suffering chronic pain – back pain and migraines. All had remarkable healing shifts to become pain free thanks to EFT applied over a period of several days.

My most powerful take-outs from Nick Ortner’s World Tapping Summit 2012: Pain relief with EFT session:

Tapping on Pain using the Tapping Tree

Nick referred to EFT Master and coach Lindsay Kenny’s concept of the Tapping Tree as useful when tackling a case of pain using EFT.  Delve into the issues surrounding a trauma or pain by tackling each part of the “tree”.


Leaves: Symptoms

Branches: Emotions

Trunk: Events

Roots: Limiting Beliefs

Write down a list of all the things in each section and tap on them.

Examples given: the belief that the pain will get worse because the doctor said so…what you read on the internet – these can be major contributors to the pain.

Patricia in the movie The Tapping Solution shifted her back pain when she tapped on the shock of the diagnosis and what the doctor had told her – like you’ll never do yoga again.  When she cleared these memories and beliefs she permanently shifted all the pain in her back.

Eventually she went off 4-5 pain medications…6 months later pain free.

Emotions like Anger in the Pain

Ask: If this pain was an emotion, what would it be?

When did the pain first start – what was going on in your life at the time?

Does this pain represent someone? Who is the pain in your neck?

Who comes to mind when you feel the pain?

How do you feel about the pain – eg it keeps me stuck

How do you feel about yourself with this pain? My fault…etc

What does this pain say about who you are? eg shows I’m weak or frail

Who would you be without this pain? What’s the downside/upside of this pain? Is there a benefit to this pain?

Does this pain have a message for you?  eg To slow down

Describe the pain – quality, texture, colour or size

Write things down…then tap.

Final advice given by Ortner is to tackle all aspects as described above when tapping for pain.

One at a time…use intuition – tap on one thing and another will clear…a process…you can get results so quickly. When you get rid of the pain but life continues to happen. It’s a continuing journey.


This World Tapping Summit 2012: Pain Relief with EFT session definitely made a lasting impression on me.

My EFT-Matrix Reimprinting work has generally NOT being about pain and ill-health. Instead I focus on my main strengths of helping clients “get unstuck” with regards to achieving their dreams and goals to live the life they love.

But after listening to Nick Ortner’s session on Pain Relief I can’t wait to offer EFT help to the next friends and colleagues who may be suffering pain.. starting next week with a fellow at my croquet club who is suffering from a painful shoulder which has caused him grief for months. He says it does not seem to get any better, despite cortisone injections. If I can help him and others more effectively it will surely be thanks to Nick Ortner’s session at the World Tapping Summit 2012: Pain Relief with EFT.

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