James Wedmore

These productivity tips for goal setting come from the very productive king of Video Marketing, James Wedmore.

In this video (8.58 mins) he talks about how to be more productive with tips he uses to get more done – and have time to surf and enjoy his interests.

Productivity is not about getting more done or making yourself busier. Rather it’s about using your time and energy effectively.

Successful People know what to focus their time and energy on. Plain and simple.

To say it differently, There is a direct correlation with your level of your success, and your ability to focus on what really matters

The big take-out that I am going to apply more diligently is make a list of SIX things to accomplish every day – and setting one weekly goal at the start of the week.  Why is this a key to productivity?  Watch the video as James describes a fascinating case study that earned the productivity consultant the equivalent of thousands of dollars.

So if you liked these productivity tips for goal setting – and are also interested in video marketing then subscribe to James’ You Tube channel  and download my free ebook on the 10 Goal Stoppers and How to Break Free on this page. And as he says – Just Do it!