Inner Critic lashes you in nasty self talk

Keep your Inner Critic at bay

If you listen carefully and attentively to the silent talk inside your head all day, you will undoubtedly hear some wild and unprovoked verbiage coming your way.

Question: Who is whipping you so cruelly?

And which comes first – your inner dialogue (“Idiot! Can’t you get anything right?”) which criticizes you the minute you trip up?

Or does the self talk arise because of inborn feelings of low self-esteem or depression, some say passed down generationally?

In my book You Can Break-Free Fast I give an example I call “Clumsy Klutz” syndrome when let’s say you were a young child and tripped up at a family gathering, spilling your drink over your Great Aunt and your older sister or mother yelled out: “You Clumsy Klutz”.

You emotional brain “hears” this in a state of “heightened awareness”. It will imprint it as “20-second blip” or memory chip onto your unconscious. And the result in years to come can be devastating!

Negative Belief

First of all you are now set up with a negative belief: I am not worthy and will be loved only when I do not make mistakes or trip up.

Secondly, as time goes by and you go to school, you will encounter further social proof from teachers and pupils that you are clumsy – a self-fulfilling expectation, if you like.


Become aware when you are silently repeating loops of self-talk that originated with someone else – usually parents, siblings and teachers. They may have said things that imbedded themselves in your emotional brain. Banish them forever.

Guard your impressionable emotional brain vigilantly! It can be as soft as butter on a summer day when it comes to taking in words spoken to you with heightened intensity.

Instead get into the habit of positive self-talk – and if that slips sometimes – then just repeat “I love you, thank you” over and over again – and you’ll soon feel a shift for the better.