For Goal setting success you need a mindset of positive intention. But you also need to avoid failure and the potholes that can sabotage your efforts on the road to victory.

Which is why I recommend this book by Australian  goal achievement expert Simon Reynolds:  ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS BY MASTERING FAILURE (Wiley. ISBN 978-1-118-10617-4).

Simon Reynolds describes the sixteen obstacles to success and he explains how to overcome them.

Why listen to him?  Because he has a track record and international recognition for achieving his goals. I always like to know the background of a self-help book author, especially in the area of goal setting and goal success. I ask myself – why should I listen to him or her? So by checking out the book author page of Simon Reynolds  here I can assure you he has the credentials of an impressive Australian entrepreneur who walks his talk.

Siimon ReynoldsAs an advertising entrepreneur he won almost every major industry award in the world for creativity. He was the co-founder of Photon Group, which in eight years became the 15th-largest marketing services group in the world and the world’s fastest growing. Siimon is also chairman of OMG, Australia’s largest website group, which is currently running over 30,000 websites.

He writes and speaks internationally on high performance and ultra-achievement, as well as personally coaching a handful of entrepreneurs and CEOs on ultra-performance.

Success is often just a moment – a goal fulfilled, soon to be replaced with new goals. But failure is the ambitious person’s constant companion…

The author explores the main causes of failure and how to overcome them. The book offers strategies and ideas for defeating the most common failure habits

‘If you learn the 16 principles in this book you’ll be able to do more than turn your life around. You’ll be able to uplift and transform it, taking it to levels that will amaze and delight,’ he says, offering  strategies and tips for beating failure habits such as:

  • unclear purpose
  • destructive thinking
  • lack of daily rituals
  • low productivity
  • weak energy
  • poor self image
  • mistaking IQ for EQ
  • not asking the right questions
  • poor presentation skills
  • stress
  • lack of persistence
  • money obsession

Because I help people achieve their goals by clearing blocks or failure points holding them back from success with emotional energy healing tools  EFT and Matrix Reimprinting , I was glad to see that Reynolds includes poor self image and mistaking IQ for EQ  as two key factors on his list for mastering failure in order to achieve goal setting success.

EQ (Emotional Intelligence) says Reynolds has been proven by Harvard psychologist  Howard Gardner  to be one of many intelligences that we need to succeed at goals and in life because the IQ test alone is a far too simplistic judge of what true intelligence is. In addition, Daniel Goleman, renowned psychologist and workplace effectiveness expert  proved… we are twice as likely to succeed in life and at work based on how we handle our emotions (EQ) in terms of personal and social competence.

So mastering your emotions is a key factor of the 16 described in this book that will ensure you succeed at goal setting.

Self image is an important topic that I will cover in another article.

Master just one of the timeless principles in this book in ways that he suggests and you should be well on your way with achieving your goals when it comes to  increasing your wealth, success, contentment and happiness. Master all of them and your goal setting success  will rocket to  totally new heights.