How EFT tapping helped heal my fear of heights while actually  hurtling through space in a revolving cable car is one of my favorite stories I tell and show as a speaker. I tap and talk as I show how I used Emotional Freedom Techniques on myself effectively while up going the cable car in Cape Town. I have been afraid of heights all my life and after my first trip up the cable car left me terrified with clammy hands and queasy stomach, I had avoided it for 15 years.

So much so that my thinking mind had convinced me I would be fine when my daughter and I decided to go up Table Mountain by cable car on her birthday and have breakfast at the restaurant on the top.

We had just set off when I felt the cable car actually rotating  on its axis on its way up and terror gripped me. It was like hurtling through space in a tipsy tea cup!

I squeezed close my eyes so as to block out the vista of Cape Town spread out miles below us and clung to the pole in the centre, telling myself it would soon be over.

And then it hit me: “why not try EFT?” I began to tap like I’d never tapped before. Suddenly I felt so much better. I opened my eyes to test it practically – and was confronted by a gaping group, no doubt wondering what this mad woman was doing. One man actually began to “ape” me, indicating that he thought I was playing at being a chimpanzee!

“Leave her alone,” said my daughter protectively. But I didn’t care. I have long overcome the reaction people sometimes have when first exposed to EFT. Sure it can look a bit ridiculous – but what do we care if it gets results?

The point was – I felt miles better from the tapping and on my return journey actually enjoyed the view without so much as a quiver inside!

Think about how we naturally take a loved one’s hand and pat it reassuringly saying, “there there…” Well the top of the hand has a place between the ring and pinky which we call the “gamut point” in EFT.  My natural instinct on hearing emotional distress – whether in person or over the phone – is to suggest  that the person begin immediately, even in mid-sentence, to tap there or on the other excellent releasing place, the “karate chop” side of the hand while talking.