Whale watching will surely be an exciting part of Sharon King’s trip to Johannesburg and Cape Town when she comes to deliver her Matrix Birth Reimprinting and Life Purpose trainings in Cape Town (October 13-17) and Johannesburg (October 20-24).

Sharon King is an acclaimed intuitive healer and Matrix trainer who has pioneered EFT-Matrix Reimprinting for Birth and connecting with your Life Purpose. She is featured in the book Matrix Reimprinting using EFT (Hay House) by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby. Sharon has recently delivered Matrix trainings in Florida, New York and London.

Sharon King training in South Africa in October 2011

Sharon’s love of animals will blend nicely with her area of speciality around how our birth experience affects our lives and beliefs because she arrives at the perfect time of year to witness the Southern Right whales’ annual migration into the coastal waters off the Western Cape to calve, nurse their young and mate.

A key teaching of Matrix Birth Reimprinting is that you can go back to the womb and reimprint your own birth experience…or that of your children. See the testimony at the end of this blog.

This can physically change energy levels, mood, and wellbeing in the present.  Struggle, pain and other issues like depression and addictions often originate in the womb, birth and the early years. These can be released and re-imprinted for positivity and well being, improved feelings of self-worth, and boosting connection and bonding with self and others.

For instance some people have cleared beliefs that “life is difficult” or “here comes trouble” (as one participant doing a Matrix Reimprinting session on his money issues discovered had originated from his birth).

Join us for Matrix South Africa

Book now by calling Liesel of the EFT Academy in South Africa: +27 82 337 3768 or email eftmatrixsa@gmail.com for more details and a booking form. Don’t delay in securing your place because workshops are small and intimate – only 20-25 people.


I’d already done vast amounts of work with Matrix Reimprinting when Sharon did a Birth Reimprinting session with me. However, the session was very profound. Before the session I asked my mother about my birth and she shared some details that she had not previously shared with me. Suddenly a number of things made a lot more sense! Thanks to Sharon’s technique we were able to reimprint my time in the womb. Having been born in the early 70s, my time in the womb had been fairly toxic with alcohol and cigarettes being consumed. We were able to go back and clear some of this toxicity, and clear some other issues around the birth. I experienced this on a very profound level, and felt a greater sense of connection following the experience. Thank you Sharon. Sasha Allenby – Co-author of Matrix Reimprinting: Using EFT

Image of whale in this post from user jessparkin via photos.igougo.com