Heal STRESS with EFT Tapping and achieve your goals and dreams.

“Goal Trauma” is a term I coined to explain why we face “goal stoppers” that keep us stuck and failures when it comes to achieving our big dreams and goals.

Consciously we feel angry with ourselves, not realising that subconsciously the sabotage is caused by past goal traumas – often going back to childhood where things said and done have wounded making us fearful of being hurt again.

How can you achieve your dreams and goals?

By first removing the emotional traumas holding you back – mired in stress from the past.

How EFT Tapping on meridian endpoints helps Heal Stress

When we tap on the endpoints of our body, the meridian endpoints, while focusing on the stress, the challenge, whatever is going on in our lives that we are trying to overcome, we actually send a calming signal to the amygdala in the brain.

Goal Success with EFT Tapping

We can write down goals, we can make plans, and we can know all these things that we want to do, but until we get to that core of that emotional experience, the reasons why we are not doing what we want to do, until we clear them, until we acknowledge the childhood pain or the trauma of things they said or what you are scared  or frightened of – until we acknowledge that amygdala of fear running our lives, our dreams are going to stay way out there

But you can make it happen. You have the power within your hands. Thanks to EFT Tapping. ➡  NICK ORTNER


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Here is an EFT Tapping Script to heal the stress – and if traumatic memories come up that you cannot handle on your own, reach out for help.


Use the Tapping Points in the diagram say the following script:

Even though I have this thing in front of me

This block I have been holding onto it for so long

And it is so frustrating.

I am so angry about it.

And I want to let it go,

But it feels so hard to let it go.

And I love, accept, and forgive myself.

Even though I have been holding on to this thing that is in the way, I want to let it go,

But I just can’t seem to…still, I love, accept, and forgive myself.

Even though I see my dream right in front of me, I can feel it happening,

If only I could dissolve this.

And I choose to dissolve it.

And love, accept, and forgive myself now.

This block

This challenge,

In front of my dream,

What if I could let it go?

What if I could finally let it go?

What if I could make this dream come true?

What if I could let go?

Of all the things that have been holding me back

It is time to let them go.

I acknowledge them,

I thank them,

But I have had enough.

And I am ready to let them go.

I am ready to make my dream come true.

To release all this old stress,

All this old trauma,

It’s an old story

That has been holding me back,

And it’s time to let it go.

This old story.

This old story.

Letting it go.

Letting it all go.

Right now

Remember YOU hold your future in your hands – either let your primitive brain play out the fight, flight, freeze or fear syndrome when you face stress – like opening your bank statement – or choose to stay calm and centred and heal stress with EFT and thus focus on a better way ahead.

My book You Can Break Free Fast EFT Tapping gives many case studies how my clients BROKE FREE WITH EFT.


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