Family get-togethers can cause sadness, shock, trauma, and helplessness.

Holiday periods like Christmas and Thanksgiving can often erupt into emotional drama and trauma if long-buried relationship issues surface. Anger, sadness and long-forgotten wounds of the heart can erupt.

My client Mary (not her real name) had been involved in a highly traumatic family row over Christmas leaving her feeling “hopeless, despairing and continually crying with heartache” to paraphrase her words.

Worse, she could not begin her work year, feeling deep sadness and also crippled with a “foggy” feeling in her mind and body.  All classic signs of trauma and post-traumatic distress.

Christmas and annual holiday get-togethers can be particularly rough for re-triggering past family wounds so I am sharing a way for healing sadness and heart traumas with the energy psychology tool EFT-Matrix Reimprinting.


EFT-Matrix Reimprinting is a powerful energy psychology tool that combines EFT Tapping and advanced ways to connect and heal your “inner child” or Younger Self. I have helped many clients like Mary to move beyond feeling stuck in heartbreak and family trauma and live happy and free again.

By the time Mary contacted me she was crying continuously, obsessed, foggy and upset by the Christmas incident.

I knew that one Matrix Reimprinting session using EFT would likely bring down Mary’s level of intensity and possibly source an ECHO who had been triggered by the family fracas. So agreed to proceed with that in our Matrix Reimprinting session on Skype.  I helped her set an intent for the session which she described as “releasing the sadness in my heart” over the rift which seemed permanent and heartbreaking.

Mary’s SUDS level of intensity on this issue was sky-high – a 9 if not a 10. At this level stepping into the Matrix is never an option because the client cannot hope to help an ECHO when she is still feeling hopeless and helpless NOW. We spent nearly half an hour tapping and chasing the pain that began to manifest all over her body while she recalled the disturbing incident of a few weeks previously.

Some of the symptoms that manifested were pain and nausea in her diaphragm; pins and needles in her arms which suddenly felt numb; fuzziness all over; sweating.

But as we continued tapping and releasing, she began to feel better and by the time we reached a level of six I asked if she was willing to consider stepping into the Matrix to see if a younger self was needing attention.

At first, she resisted. “I already did some inner child work (nine months previously) and fully integrated my little girl,” she said.

“Yes I know,” I replied gently. “But you have to understand that I could only take you as far as you were able to go in that session. With Matrix Reimprinting you may have many ECHOs needing attention and holding different beliefs and aspects of various troubling issues.”

At first, she was sure she could not possibly find a younger self but when I reminded her to feel the sadness in her heart and just check if there was any time when she felt like that before…she soon found an ECHO  when she was aged 12. This Younger Self mirrored exactly the fear of abandonment and “sadness in my heart ” that had been triggered over Christmas.

Without going into the details of the rest of the session, I can vouch it was miraculous by any standards.

By the end she reported:

  • feeling amazing
  • that the fogginess in her head had lifted
  • the sadness in the heart had dissolved
  • that she now felt an inner certainty that LOVE NEVER DIES.

If you are struggling to overcome a family or relationship issue that festers and causes YOU heartache – consider contacting me for a session on Zoom.  

I love seeing people shift like this (from another client):

Caryl – I just had to give you some feedback on what’s been happening since our consultation on Wednesday.  With your help for the first time in my life I can express the words ‘I love you’ to those who mean so much to me. I have this light feeling in my being. I danced and sang with the music I was listening to. A.W