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Caryl Westmore offers tips, tools and interviews to inspire you to write YOUR inspirational book or teaching Memoir.

Boost your visibility, Confidence, Clients and Cash-Flow.

PLUS – win at the “Inner Game of Writing” with tools like (Emotional Freedom Techniques)


Stand out like a Sparkling Unicorn in a “sea of sameness” by writing a short helpful book that showcases your brilliance.

5 Goal Secrets for 2024 from my Younger Self WATCH ON YOUTUBE FOR THE AI GENERATED VISUALS SHOWNOTES Meet the guest on today's show: Caryl's Younger Self from 10 years ago who explains the "5 Steps to Goal Success, Yes" system she developed, using EFT Tapping....

The Alter Ego for Authors: Busting Writer’s Block and Sky-rocketing Creativity[Excerpt from the book “Bust Writer’s Block Forever”]

Introduction to the Alter Ego Effect: What do confident influencers like Tony Robbins, Beyoncé, Maya Angelou, James Clear and Tim Ferris have in common?  Harnessing their ALTER EGO. Todd Herman's "Alter Ego Effect" is a tool for resilience and creativity. Todd...

Embracing AI with ChatGPT as a Creative Catalyst for Authors [Excerpt from the book “Bust Writer’s Block Forever”]

 Episode Length: [31 mins] Introduction AI, particularly ChatGPT, is revolutionizing the creative landscape, offering support to writers and authors worldwide. It is part of the season of focusing on chapters from the bestselling book by podcast host Caryl...

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